Futuring Tools

Wild Innovation’s superpower combines strategic foresight with leadership coaching to help people and organizations prepare for and create their desired futures. Below are a few coaching tools designed for leaders to use for themselves, their teams and organizations. If you need more in-depth assistance, please contact us!

Cone of Possibilities Coaching Canvas

Leadership and life are intertwined like never before, which means intentionally creating the future is more important than ever. Use this coaching tool to help create a purposeful future as well as the mindset you need to achieve it.

Permission to WIN!

The future is created in the present moment, so give yourself permission to get into action and make it happen! Giving yourself permission to pursue a purposeful future is not about striving, working hard or struggling to make it happen – it is about exploring how you can take Wild, Inspired and Natural action to WIN! 

Future Story 2025

Most of us are simply trying to get through 2020 at this point – I totally get it! Just remember – some of the world’s best innovations come out of challening times. So, put your futurist hats on and write a story that details your vision of the future. It is time to have some fun planning for and creating our futures.

Customized Innovation Retreats & Materials

If you want to build the future with your team while achieving specific transformational milestones, check out our customized approach to leadership development! Download and example workbook here:

Now is the perfect time to either establish or revisit your core values.

In a time of drastic change, it can be helpful to either establish or revisit and renew your core values. Why? Core values are what we stand for and judge to be right. They serve as the guiding principles that influence our beliefs, behaviors, attitudes and cultural norms. Download the “How to Create Core Values” coaching guide to get started!

Let’s create your future together.