Futuring is a great way for both individuals and organizations to understand and pursue their desired futures.   Current offerings include:

Keynotes, Workshops & Seminars on Strategic Foresight and Futuring 

Change continues to occur at an increasingly rapid pace; therefore, strategic planning needs to be disrupted…it is too slow.  Dr. Connie has developed a new breed of strategic planning that involves generating actionable innovation based on using the concepts of foresight and futuring.  The goal is to develop strategies for both individuals and organizations.  Individual habits influence organizational change, and engaging diverse audiences is critical.  If you want to move faster with a focus on the future, please contact Dr. Connie to see if this process is a good match for your organization.

Leadership & Innovation Consulting

Dr. Connie works with businesses and organizations to intentionally develop their desired futures through strengths-based leadership and teamwork.   A major focus of this work includes strengthening gender equity and engagement.

Each consulting engagement is a process co-created by the client and Dr. Connie.  Impact is assessed by using surveys at the beginning, middle and end of the engagement.

Strengths Based Futuring:  For Individuals & Organizations

Use Gallup’s Strengths Finder to discover and develop individual and collective Strengths (for teams and organizations) designed to move the future forward!  After individuals discover their Strengths, it is time to use coaching to understand, apply and develop a Strengths based future!

Contact Dr. Connie to create your future!

Strengths & Beyond:  Leadership & Innovation Coaching 

Coaching is a relationship based service designed to help clients accomplish their goals through powerful conversations that lead to self-discovery, personal development and amazing results.  Coaching is often combined with consulting for maximum impact because it focuses on mindset and behavior change.

Coaching is:

Client Driven:  Clients set the stage and determine the results they want to achieve.  Coaches provide focused time on helping the individuals, organizations and teams achieve their goals by ask powerful questions and building an accountability structure with exercises and assignments.

Customized:  Each client is different and has different ideas of what they want to achieve.  Dr. Connie builds a customized coaching program for each client.  Programs are built for individuals or groups depending on the individual needs of each client.

Commitment:  Clients must commit time to the sessions and to the homework.  It is up to the individual and team to make change happen.  Dr. Connie is there to help them through the process.

Action:  Thinking about change will not create it.  When signing up for coaching programs, clients are committing to taking action and making change happen.

Coaching is not: Therapy or Counseling:  If you are seeking mental help or assistance, Dr. Connie is not the answer.  Please seek the services of a licensed mental health professional. Passive:  The client takes an active part in the coaching relationship.  It is up to the client to set and accomplish their true intentions and goals.  They are responsible for making the change that will help them move in a more positive direction.