Testimonials from a Few of My Amazing Clients!!

Coaching & Futuring Clients:

From Ruth Gerdes, President of the Auburn Agency Crop Inc. and incredible leader:

“Your help this fall has been immeasurable to me. I’m appreciative of the substance in your work and your responsiveness. Strong professional women are what give me energy to take this agency where I envision. Thank-you for simply being you!”

Ruth is a highly respected leader focused on creating a Strengths-based culture and future in her agency as well as in the other branches of the agency.  Working with Ruth and her team has been fun, enlightening and future-focused!

The testimonial below is from Betty Borden.  She is the Director of the Innovators Network for the Japan Society, Inc.  I have been truly blessed to the opportunity to explore the future of Japan with her, the team she leads and leaders in Japan:

“Connie Reimers-Hild and the team at the Rural Futures Institute are invaluable partners in our joint effort to strengthen leaders working on rural revitalization in Japan and the U.S. We are indebted to her for sharing her expertise with us, and the wealth of experience at RFI, as we collaborate to create opportunities for shared learning and greater impact in rural communities in both countries.”

Marty Fattig, CEO of Nemaha County Hospital in Auburn, NE worked with me to co-create a year long leadership engagement process for his team.  We focused on creating a more innovative culture designed to create and achieve a future vision that was flexible but also customer and employee centric.

“One of the biggest problems in the healthcare industry is providing leadership training for the middle managers.  We take excellent technical people and make them managers, hoping that they will somehow acquire the leadership skills necessary to be successful at their new position.  This is extremely unfair to these people.  We solved this problem by bringing in Connie Reimers-Hild to provide leadership training for all of our middle managers.  Dr. Connie led training sessions one afternoon per month for twelve months covering a myriad of topics ranging from leading innovation to Strengths-Based Leadership.  The training Connie provided was very interactive and well received.  Dr. Connie has a very real gift when it comes to developing leaders who can help organizations thrive in both the present and the future.”

This one is long, but I had to include it.  It is from one of my clients, Paul Hosford, who is an absolutely extraordinary individual.  A big public thanks to you Paul for sharing your amazing gift of writing with my readers:

“Through coaching I underwent an expertly-guided process of self-discovery.  My coach primarily asked me questions that helped me to think about my life and my circumstances in new and more meaningful ways.  As I discovered trends, tendencies and patterns, my coach helped me explore them and suggested ways to build upon them (or in the case of negative tendencies or patterns, ways to break free of them).

 I feel my coach was masterful in how she did all this.  I also appreciate that she placed reasonable expectations on me to play an active role in the coaching process and never allowed me to develop a dependence upon her.  She was very effective in helping me develop a greater dependence upon myself instead.

My coach’s intelligence, sensitivity, knowledge and breadth of perspective were extremely useful to me in both processing the things she was helping me discover and in expanding my own perspective.  Connie Reimers-Hild is a remarkably skilled and effective leadership coach.  She possesses a unique ability to understand others and their situations. This enables her to empower them to transform their lives in profound and lasting ways.”

 Retreats, Workshops, Presentations & Academies:

“Thank you for giving seeds to innovators so they can grow their dreams!” -Kerry Hoffschneider, Epworth Village, Inc.

“Your presentation to the Nebraska Farm Bureau Leadership Academy… was simply outstanding!  Thank you for all your hard work and the important information you brin got the participants of the leadership academy.” -Roger Berry, Vice President of Membership Services for Nebraska Farm Bureau

“I’ve already begun the steps toward getting what I want.  Pretty cool, huh.  It was all due to your presentation!  Thanks again.’‘ Pat McGill, Participant a the Leadership Academy

“Thank you so very much for the great session…As I have had time to digest I think it was an extremely important day as I have gleaned some very important information and thoughts about moving A-FAN forward.  I very much appreciate your insight and ability to take in all of the reactions and mental energy in the room and guide us towards an outcome.”  Willow Holoubek, Organizational Director for A-FAN  

 Other Amazing Clients Include: 

University of Nebraska Medical Center

Rural Hospital Conference of the Carolinas

Lockheed Martin

United States National Park Service

Oxbow Animal Health

Nebraska Water Leaders Academy

PraireLand Dairy

Vivayic, Inc.

United Farmers Cooperative

United States Department of Agriculture Library Services

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Administration

University of Nebraska Food Processing Center

Central Community College

Metro Community College

Cutts Floral

eVentures Marketing

Mid-America Fruit Growers Association

Nebraska Association of Bed & Breakfast

ACE Leadership Institute

Leadership Nebraska City

Southwest Iowa Leadership Academy

Kimmel Orchard

Phi Theta Kappa

Youth Services of Saunders County

Region V Services

Burt County Economic Development Corporation

Wayne Area Economic Development

Merrick County Leading Locally Program

Nebraska LEAD Program

Nebraska Telecommunications Association

Nebraska State Irrigation Association

Nebraska Farm Bureau

National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (NEAFCS)


Small Business Association of the Midlands

First National Bank

Nebraska Water Leaders Academy

Leadership Wayne

Leadership Nebraska City

Leadership Seward County

South Dakota MarketPlace

Nebraska MarketPlace