Wild Innovation

Wild Innovation is a strategic foresight and leadership development firm focused on helping individuals and organizations consciously create and achieve their desired futures…while having fun!

Your desired future is a combination of both mindset and methodology.

We hear it every single day, the world continues to evolve and leaders struggle to keep up with the pace. This type of accelerated change has created a need for leaders who can understand and better prepare for the future. Strategic foresight is now considered a core leadership competency. If your organization has the desire to not only see what is coming next, but also create the leadership capacity and innovation needed to evolve its business and industry, then Wild Innovation can help!

Wild’s customized approach to conscious strategic foresight and futuring includes a combination of conversations designed to create the engagement that works best for your organization. Engagements typically include interactive strategic foresight workshops (can be done in-person or on-line), assessments (The Clifton StrengthsFinder) and coaching sessions designed to create accountability and action. Why? Creating is an active process that should be both fun and intentional. Successful leadership does not simply happen after attending a talk or workshop.

Conscious change designed to succeed in the future occurs when leaders have both the mindset and the methods needed to create sustainable innovation.

Keynotes, Workshops & Seminars on Strategic Foresight and Futuring

One successful approach to strategic foresight involves kicking off conferences or meetings with an interactive keynote followed by group or team-based workshops and executive coaching:

There are many inspiring speakers out there, but Dr. Connie stands out among the rest! She helped our rural healthcare leaders better understand and prepare for the future by combining a keynote with an interactive workshop and post-conference, executive coaching.  So many times, we hear a great presentation only to forget once we are back in the workplace saddle.  Dr. Connie ensured that the messages and learning we received could be immediately applied and implemented by combining these touch points to create a meaningful experience focused on strategic foresight and innovation.

-Angelina Salazar
CEO, Western Healthcare Alliance

Presentations are designed to be interactive sessions that expand the creative thought process.

2019 presentation at the inaugural
Appalachian Leadership Institute

We invited Dr. Connie Reimers-Hild to speak at the inaugural session of the Appalachia Leadership Institute. Her presentation was dynamic, energetic, and informative. The fellows rated her presentation among the top experiences of the session and stated that as a result of her talk they were motivated to think more like futurists when leading their communities. She was a huge hit! We hope she will be available for the session next year so we can invite her back for an expanded role.

-Dr. Katie A. Cahill
Associate Director, Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy and Director, Leadership and Governance Program at the University of Tennessee

Strategic Foresight Strategy Sessions

Change continues to occur at an increasingly rapid pace; therefore, strategic planning must be disrupted…it is too slow and too ineffective.  Dr. Connie has developed a new breed of strategic planning that involves generating actionable innovation based on using the concepts of foresight and futuring.  The goal is to develop strategies for both individuals and organizations.  Individual habits influence organizational change, and engaging diverse audiences is critical.  If you want to move faster with a focus on the future, please contact Dr. Connie to see if this process is a good match for your organization.

Strengths Based Futuring for Individuals and Organizations

Use Gallup’s Strengths Finder to discover and develop individual and collective Strengths (for teams and organizations) designed to move the future forward!  After individuals discover their Strengths, it is time to use coaching to understand, apply and develop a Strengths based future!

Coaching is a relationship based service designed to help clients accomplish their goals through powerful conversations that lead to self-discovery, personal development and amazing results.  Coaching is often combined with consulting for maximum impact because it focuses on mindset and behavior change.

Your help this fall has been immeasurable to me. I’m appreciative of the substance in your work and your responsiveness. Strong professional women are what give me energy to take this agency where I envision. Thank you for simply being you!

Ruth G.
Founder & CEO of a multi-state, multi-million dollar business

Leadership & Innovation Consulting

Dr. Connie works with businesses and organizations to intentionally develop their desired futures through strengths-based leadership and teamwork.   A major focus of this work includes strengthening gender equity and engagement.

Each consulting engagement is a process co-created by the client and Dr. Connie.  Impact is assessed by using surveys at the beginning, middle and end of the engagement.

Other approaches include presentations, facilitations or group coaching sessions designed to provide audiences with different ideas while increasing engagement and the potential for innovation:

Dr. Connie has a very real gift when it comes to developing leaders who can help organizations thrive in both the present and the future.

Marty F.
Hospital CEO

There are many ways to explore the future, contact Dr. Connie today to see which approach will work best for you!

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