My Grandma died three years ago. It was the day after my 34th birthday. She was 92. This was a defining point of my life. Grandma lived through the World Wars and the Great Depression, which were defining moments of her life. Grandma was a woman of greatness who knew what was important in life: family, food and the environment. She was one of my role models and one of the most influential people in my life. Grandma often told stories of her life as a child and young adult. These stories will be used throughout this blog. Each story held meaning and a common sense lesson for us all to consider.

My Grandma graduated from high school in 1930. I graduated in 1990. We attended our class reunions together. It was her 70th and my 10th. She was sad because only a handful of her classmates were left.   Only three other people showed up for her reunion.  The rest had all either passed on or were unable to attend.  I was sad because my classmates were so serious. To be honest, all I wanted to do was drink a few beers, catch up with everyone and talk about the “Glory Days.” It was clear that she knew it would be her last class reunion. I can only imagine how that feels.

My Grandma grew up in my hometown.  She lived in town often told stories of how she had to fight off snakes and dogs with a stick everyday when walking to and from school. She never did like dogs, and she hated snakes. I would too if I had to defend myself from them everyday.

This may seem strange to many of us, but as a child my Grandma lived in a small town that was in its infancy. There were no paved streets or sidewalks. Many people, including my parents, did not even grow up with indoor plumbing.

Education was incredibly important to her. She believed in investing in an education so much so that she became a school teacher herself. Common sense lesson #1: Invest in Yourself- even if you have to Fight Snakes and Dogs off with a Stick.

Education is a great investment.  Our human capital (education, skills and abilities) opens the door to opportunities, increases our earning potential and typically has a great return on investment (ROI).

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