Leadership and the Environment

Leadership challenges associated with environmental issues are vast. Why are countries and organizations so slow to realize this critical issue, which also directly relates to our economic growth or decline?

Degradation, alteration and contamination of natural resources, issues related to food security and quality as well as threats to wildlife are causing critical concern. The growing population combined with issues related to quality and quantity of natural resources in problematic. It is time for us to discuss the need for leaders around the globe to work together and create a collective global vision designed to motivate individuals, communities and organizations to greater levels of social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

My Grandma was a leader in her community, and she expected results from her elected officials.

Common Sense Lesson #3: As individuals, we have to be willing to step up to the plate and lead. We also have to expect more from our businesses, organizations and political leaders, and we must let them know how frustrated we are with their actions (or lack of action in many cases).

The environment and our economy are closely interlinked. More on this in my next post! Stay tuned…

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