My family finished our Christmas shopping today, and it made me think of great ways to Live Green, Save Green this holiday season.

Here are my TOP 5 suggestions for you last minute shoppers:
1.  BUY LOCAL:  This strategy saves gas and energy.  In addition, money is invested in YOUR community and its businesses!  
2.  REUSE:  Think before your wrap!  Reuse wrapping paper and gift bags.  The wrapping paper is much more of a challenge; however, gift bags and tissue can be used a zillion times!  Even better-use cloth bags or baskets that can be reused for a variety of purposes!  Newspaper works great as gift wrap too!  There are no rules here, so get creative!
3.  REDUCE:  Donate instead of Gift-Giving:  My husband works with a woman who does great things at Christmas.  Her family adopts a family in need instead of buying gifts for one another.  What a wonderful idea!
4.  RECYCLE:  I think we all have a few items we have never used.  Why not give them to someone who might appreciate them?
5.  REMEMBER:  The reasons for the season.  After all, it is not about giving and receiving gifts.  
Have a great (and very green) Holiday Season!!
-Dr. Connie

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