Inventors, Investors and Entrepreneurs Club (I2E Club)

We had another great meeting Inventors, Investors and Entrepreneurs (I2E) Club meeting last night…..Doug Damme, founder and owner of Eco-Green Enterprises, told us about his business and gave us some great entrepreneurial insight!

Deb Heidzig, Office Manager for the Kimmel Education and Research Center, Farmer and former cooperative founder, totally made us think with her awesome “Under Your Nose Trends” session.

It was an amazing meeting! Two familiar faces were back in the crowd and joined as members! We also had 3 new faces. Everyone added some positivity to the meeting.

And, we have our first corporate sponsor!! Thank you to Lora Damme, President & CEO, of Tri Valley Bank. Your generosity keeps I2E moving forward!!

The video recaps will be available for our members soon.

Mark your calendars for our next meeting….March 11!

Thanks for the great night….I am feeling truly inspired today!!
-Dr. Connie

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