What does it mean to be Entrepreneurial?

When people think about and study leadership, they typically think of a CEO in a corner office on top of a large building. This is certainly one way to think about leadership. However, this blog is about all of us serving as entrepreneurial leaders in an effort to create innovations that can help make the world a better place.

In order to keep up with the rapid rate of change in our increasingly globalized society, we must become more entrepreneurial as individuals and leaders.

Entrepreneurial Individuals are innovative people who are open to change and recognize and pursue opportunities irrespective of existing resources, such as time, money, personal support, and/or technology. There are many similarities between entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial individuals; however, there is a difference between entrepreneurial behavior and being an entrepreneur:

“Thus a politician, a physician, a university professor or a ditch-digger may show all the components of entrepreneurial role behavior, even though his status is primarily not that of an entrepreneur.” (McClelland, 1961).

Entrepreneurs start and grow businesses. They sometimes employ others and are the backbone of our economy.

Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial individuals and entrepreneurial leaders are vital components of 21st century communities and organizations because they have the ability to advance themselves, other people, their businesses or places of employment and even the economies and societies in which they live. This advancement comes through the process of innovation. We all benefit from developing the entrepreneurial behaviors and leadership capabilities of individuals and the positive innovations that come from these activities!

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