"The Accidental Hero" article by Matthew Boyle: A great example of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership

Yahoo! posted an article from Business Week written by Matthew Boyle that serves a great example of how an idea can grow and turn into an innovation that makes a huge impact!

The article describes how Subway franchisee, Stuart Frankel, recognized an opportunity to sell more sandwhiches during his slow time of the week. Instead of doing nothing or becoming frustrated, he thought of a great idea: The $5.00 footlong sub. His entrepreneurial abilities helped him turn his idea into an innovation, which boosted his sales. Stuart Frankel’s innovation has grown into a national phonomenon! Subway’s leadership helped grow Stuart’s idea (a great example of Entrepreneurial Leadership), and it has made Billions (yes, that is Billions with a B!) for the franchise.

As of November 11, 2009 you can access the artcile by going to:


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