Be Innovative: Last Minute "Green" Shopping

With only 12 days left, many of us are scrambling to finish our Christmas lists. I updated my top suggestions for last minute shoppers from last year. Here are Dr. Connie’s innovative “Green” shopping suggestions for 2009:
1. BUY LOCAL: This strategy saves gas and energy. In addition, money is invested in YOUR community and its businesses!
2. REUSE: Think before your wrap! Reuse wrapping paper and gift bags. The wrapping paper is much more of a challenge; however, gift bags and tissue can be used a zillion times! Even better-use cloth bags or baskets that can be reused for a variety of purposes! Newspaper works great as gift wrap too! There are no rules here, so get creative!
3. REDUCE: Make a commitment to buy less this year. Think about the differences between wants and needs. How much more does a person really need to have a great life? I know my house is already very full. My family can have a great Christmas without getting more stuff!
4. RECYCLE: I think we all have a few items we have never used. Why not give them to someone who might appreciate them?
5. RETHINK: Get a little creative and do something like GIVING the GIFT of TIME: Instead of buying gifts for people, why not schedule some fun time with them instead? Time is our most valuable asset and something we can invest in one another to add some cheer to the year! Or, consider DONATING: Make a donation to someone’s favorite charity in their name. It helps those who really need it while leaving a positive footprint on the world!
6. REMEMBER: The reasons for the season. After all, it is not about giving and receiving gifts.
Have an absolutely innovative (and very green) Holiday Season!!
-Dr. Connie

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