Dr Connie’s 2010 Prediction #4. The Return of the Thermos

I was very impressed with the difficulty I had when doing my last minute Christmas shopping in 2009. Impressed?? Yes, impressed. I had a very difficult time finding aluminum water bottles and thermoses for gifts because many stores were practically sold out of them! This was a great sign of the times. I know many people who gave and/or received aluminum water bottles or thermoses for Christmas. I predict this trend will continue and pick up steam.

Companies have done a great job of being innovative.  They have updated water bottles and thermoses by creating new colors and designs.   The new looks are so cool.  No longer does your thermos have to look like my Dad’s 1970’s model! Some of the new designs are fun and very trendy. Aluminum bottles and thermoses make water and other drinks more portable and affordable. We can considerably cut down our consumption of one-time use disposable drinks or even eliminate them completely. The best part…your thermos keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold! No need for a $5.00 coffee-simply fill your thermos before you leave the house!!

I see this eco-friendly trend growing; however, the only way to truly reduce our plastic water bottle consumption is through our collective consumer power. The plastic water bottle trend will continue until consumers send a different message to the businesses making plastic water bottles designed for one-time use. As consumers, we are leaders. We truly determine the products and services that make the marketplace tick. I urge us all to become better consumer leaders and make our purchases count-for ourselves and for the planet!

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