Turning Lemons into Lemonade

Just read an article on Shine by Yahoo! about new uses for lemons.  I have read a number of the uses before, so I am not sure all of are completely innovative or novel; however, I have to admit that using lemons for toothpicks is a new one for me!

While coaching one of my clients today, the topic of creating a positive mindset came up several times.  It is true.  Our psychology is a key tool in accomplishing or not-accomplishing what we want out of this lifetime.

We have all heard the adage about taking the so-called “lemons” we have in life and turning them into lemonade.  I would challenge you to begin taking an inventory of your “lemons.”  Are they really “lemons” or are you stuck in limiting beliefs that are making them lemons instead of the lemonade they truly are?

Consider reframing your perspective and creating a positive atmosphere that has the potential to move you forward.  Oh ya, make sure to go a little WILD and enjoy the journey.  After all, lemons are truly an amazing fruit!

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