Things You Never Thought You Would Have to Do: A Memorial Tribute to My Mom

Today I created a memorial web page for my Mom.  It is one of those things I never thought I would do.  Such a strange feeling.  You can go to the site and post pictures and videos, light virtual candles, leave messages, etc.

Earl Boston, owner of West Point Monument, asked our family to pilot a new concept for his business.  He placed a picture of my parents on their monument.  The picture has a code on it.  You can scan it with a smart phone, which takes visitors to the memorial web site.

It’s a difficult thing to think about doing.  Mom’s loss was what they called, “unforeseeable and undetectable.”  We are pretty sure I was the last one to talk to her.  I usually called her on my way home from work.  I was talking to her as I pulled into the garage and was anxious to get off of the phone so I could get our daughter to the pool for the first time this year.  I had committed to having more fun with my family over the summer.  We only made it to the sprinkler because her little brother was not feeling well.

I was in the shower after putting the kids to bed.  My husband told me my Mom was trying to call. I told him that I would call her back after I was done showering.  I had just stepped in and had water coming down on me when he told me about the call.  After all, I just knew it was Mom wanting to know how our daughter liked the water.

Swimming was very special to Mom.  She taught us all how to swim at a very young age, and she was doing the same thing with our daughter.  Our daughter had been talking about going swimming with Grandma Reimers since January….and we live in Nebraska!

I missed the call.  Jim came back again and told me I had to call home right away because it was an emergency.  I shut off the water and called home…line was busy.  Called my sister…she told me Mom was gone.  I couldn’t believe it then and still can’t believe it now.

I missed the call from my Dad when he needed me most.  I never thought that was the call coming through the line.  After all, Mom had her suitcase out and was packing to go to my sister-in-law’s baby shower.

I missed the call, and now I really miss my Mom.  She was one of those Super Moms who always put her family first.  Our family is busy picking up the pieces.  It’s been a tough 6 months.  It still does not seem real.

Maybe the memorial site will help aid in the healing process.  It is an innovative concept that I hope creates a lasting tribute to a wonderful woman…my Mom!

Life can really throw some hard curve balls at you, and this is the hardest one I have ever been hit with during my lifetime.  It has been a challenging journey.

Mom’s Memorial Site is located at:

Love you and miss you lots Mom!

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  1. I loved this and glad you shared it around the holidays. It made me smile.Marie

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