NY Times: The Land of Milk and Honey

Boot HK is an incubator for Internet start-ups and was recently held in Hong Kong.  Entrepreneurship is huge in China…for everyone, everywhere!

The Times article mentions a guy from Nebraska who wants to create a social networking site for industrial manufacturing companies.  I wonder who it is?  Let me know who you are or if you know him.  I would really like to bring him on Market Journal!  Twitter was invented by a young man from Clarks, NE…so you never know!  

I really am from a land of milk and honey…corn, soybeans, apples, peaches and many other wonderful crops that grow under the sun!  Nebraska has so many flavors of innovation!!  Check it out…how many other places can you go pick apples and watch combines harvest such wonderful bounty?

Here is the permalink to the article:
NY Times Magazine: The-land-of-milk-and-honey.html

Jagger, me and Raquel enjoying the 2011 peach harvest!

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