Promoting Science-Based Innovation Businesses in Agriculture and Natural Resources

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Promoting Science-Based Innovation Businesses in Agriculture and Natural Resources
Rob Griesbach, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Technology Transfer
Rob Rosenbaum, President of the Maryland Technology Development Corp (TEDCO)
Renée Wagner, Midwest Area Technology Transfer Coordinator
USDA, Agricultural Research Service
Tuesday, January 24, 2012
12:00 PM (ET)
About the webinar:  
To remain competitive in today’s global marketplace and address environmental concerns, agricultural-related businesses must take advantage of the latest technologies, but often have difficulty identifying appropriate science based solutions to pressing problems.  The Agricultural Research Service has developed a model for working with farmers on identifying issues and matching them with scientific solutions through its Agricultural Technology Innovation Partnership Network and the Extension Service.  The network partners ARS labs with other technology/business providers to make appropriate matches on priority issues.  The process starts with engagement and listening sessions supported by the local Extension Service, and culminates in applied solutions.  Participants in the webinar will see some examples of available ARS technologies and learn how the ATIP Network is structured, how its listening sessions process with Extension works, and how to access ARS Technology Transfer Coordinators and ATIP in their area.
Registration:  There is no fee for attending this webinar.
About the Speaker(s): 
Renée Wagner is the ARS, Midwest Area Technology Transfer Coordinator (TTC), located in Peoria, IL.  Dr. Wagner facilitates collaborations and transfer of ARS technologies developed in the Midwest Area research labs to the public and commercial sectors.  Prior to her role as TTC, Renée was a research scientist with ARS for over 20 years.  
Rob Griesbach is the Deputy Assistant Administrator for Technology Transfer. In this role, he helps to coordinates programs to optimize the transfer of research results across USDA-ARS to the private sector and other users for development and commercialization.
Rob Rosenbaum is the President of the Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO).  TEDCO is the founding member of ATIP.  Each of the 10 members of ATIP bring geographic and/or programmatic diversity to the organization.  As a cooperative group, ATIP is uniquely positioned to bring a depth of knowledge and experience to any of the eight ARS research regions throughout the country.  
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