Serving People, Cows and the Planet

Ahh…Creating Priceless Vision and Mission Statements…one of my favorite programs to customize for individuals, businesses and organizations!!

Mark Hutchison, my colleague at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and fellow Gallup EAS Guide, referred Dan and his management to me.  They needed some help creating a priceless and powerful vision/mission statement.  They wanted one statement that said it all, and they did it:
  I’m Serving People, Cows & the Planet.

Congratulations to Praireland for committing to developing and using a Vision/Mission that is unique to their values and aspirations.  The Prairieland team dug in and did the work.  Now, their hard work is paying off…big time! 

Dan and I holding up the t-shirts Prairieland made for all of their employees.  The shirt serves as a reminder their very memorable and focused vision/mission, “I’m Serving People, Cows & the Planet.”

A big THANK YOU to Dan Rice for writing this glowing testimonial:

Prairieland Dairy is a rapidly growing company, and was looking for a way to share the goals,  vision, and excitement  of the company with their employees and owners. Through recommendation from a University of Nebraska mentor we contacted Connie Reimers-Hild at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension, Kimmel Education & Research Center. She hosted a retreat that the Management of Prairieland Dairy attended. As she led us through the process of looking to the future and seeing what we want to be and how to get there, it became clear to us what our vision, Mission, and values really are. At the end of the day we had a Mission Vision and values statement that everyone on our team can identify with and get behind. I’m grateful for the assistance we received and the leadership Connie brought to our process. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to help their company move clearly into the future.

Dan Rice
General Manager 
13000 Pella Road
Firth, Nebraska 68358
Cell: 402-429-2818
Office: 402-791-2228
Fax: 402-791-2238
Prairieland Dairy LLC
“Serving People,Cows and the Planet”

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