One of My Students!

I heard from one of my former students today.  He is a graduate of the distance Masters of Science in Entomology program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  I always laugh to myself when people still question the effectiveness of distance-delivery. It can be such an amazing way to learn, grow and connect!!

He has a new job and thanked me and the program for having such a great impact on his life.  

Aww…it’s so great to have made a difference!  

He really made the difference himself by being such a great student!  And, he had a great support system (his wife!)

Rick, you are always welcome in Nebraska whenever it works for you…we would love to serve you and your family big, juicy Nebraska steaks!!

Congrats to you and family Rick!!   Best wishes for a fantastic future!!  

And, Keep Going Wild!
-Dr. Connie

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