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This webinar looked pretty darn good…hope it helps some of you out there!

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SCORE LIVE Webinars 
Small Town Rules: How Small Business Can Prosper in a Connected World 
Thursday July 26 at 1pm ET / 10am PT 

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You know that today’s market place is like a small town, when:

  • Every customer can now talk directly to each other
  • People listen more to what your customers say about your company than your advertising
  • The individual human voice is valued over corporate mission statements
  • Everyone online is trying to band together in small communities
  • Everyone wants to buy their products locally

It’s just like doing business in a small town, where “reputation is forever.” Great small town and rural entrepreneurs have been successfully overcoming these challenges for centuries. Join presenter Barry Moltz to learn these “small town” rules and how you can apply them to help your business succeed in today’s connected world. 

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