The Nebraska Water Leaders Academy: A Great Opportunity!

One of the leadership programs I most enjoy being part of is the Nebraska Water Leaders Academy.  

Water is one of the most critical issues on the planet right now, and issues around water will continue to grow in the future.  We need leaders from private industry, government, academia, agriculture, etc. to get involved in the conversation and lead us to a new water future.  We need leaders who can successfully lead innovation!

We are recruiting for our next class, and I want to get the word out to anyone who might be interested in participating.

For more information on the academy visit:  

I copied and pasted the information below from the Nebraska Irrigation Association’s web site, but visit their site to learn more!  This is only the beginning:

The Water Leaders Academy will provide an opportunity for Nebraskans who demonstrate an interest in water and related natural resources to broaden their knowledge. Candidates will learn about Nebraska water laws, the political structures within Nebraska that have responsibility to manage water and related natural resources and the beneficial uses of water including domestic, agriculture, industrial, fish, wildlife and recreation.


  • Identify men and women who have demonstrated leadership skills and who wish to enhance those skills in the water and natural resources arena.
  • Encourage those persons to develop their scientific and political knowledge about water and related natural resources.
  • Provide training materials and program presentations that will instill sound and accurate information about efficient, economical and beneficial uses of Nebraska’s water and related natural resources.
  • Provide broad based educational experiences and presentations to develop and enhance leadership and critical thinking skills.
  • Encourage and assist participants to become actively involved with entities at the local, regional, state and national levels.
  • Develop an ongoing program that incorporates multi-disciplinary educational and leadership programs to assist future leaders in water and natural resources management for now and the future.

What participants are saying about the Water Leaders Academy.

I like the diversity of topics and speakers. It’s not just a series of classroom lectures on water law and use, there is leadership, communication and conflict resolution skills with good interaction and class participation throughout.
– Richard Eades, water resources specialist, Lincoln

The Academy is a great opportunity to network with other professionals interested in the industry while learning invaluable information about Nebraska’s water systems.
– Kristi Boswell, attorney, Omaha

If you have an interest in Nebraska’s water, then you need to participate in the academy. If you want a seat at the table to set policy related to water use, you need to understand all aspects or uses of water. There are more interests than just your own. The academy can help you understand the big picture.
– Doug Saathoff, farmer, Trumbull

The Water Leaders Academy will strengthen your knowledge of water issues in Nebraska and challenge you to develop your abilities to lead Nebraska in this avenue.
– Rod Zessin, farmer, Madison

Join us for the 2013 Nebraska Water Leaders Academy!  Lead and leave your footprint on the planet!!

Go Wild!
Dr. Connie

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