Only 1 More Hour until the Next Generation Extension Webinar!

The Next Generation Extension Webinar with Kimmel Orchard’s Interns (the actual next generation of Extension users) begins in less than an hour!

When:  Today, August 13 at 10:00 a.m. CST

This is your opportunity to interact with five college students about their views of Extension, education, information, etc.

Connect to this webinar by going to:

Conference Call Number:   888/820-1398
Attendee Code:   9894805#


Here I am with Kimmel’s Amazing Interns this Summer!


2 responses to “Only 1 More Hour until the Next Generation Extension Webinar!”

  1. Dr. Connie, Have you thought of using videos on your website? You offer brilliant info, and it is so easy to add video. You can do the whole thing with only an iPhone.
    This is for Nonprofits, but it works for authors, too.

    1. Thanks the for resource and the response! Yes, videos are one of my goals. I have great footage of many different topics and happenings. Now, I need to post them on the blog.

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