The Spirituality of Innovation with WasteCap Nebraska!

Join me for a Spirituality of Innovation workshop at WasteCap Nebraska’s 2013 Sustainability Summit on Wednesday, November 6.

The biological, social and spiritual worlds are all greatly intertwined.  As leaders, we can use this information to create a culture of sustainable innovation for others and ourselves.

One of the keys of tapping into the Spirituality of Innovation is self-confidence.  Self-confident individuals filled with passion and purpose are the most creative and innovative people. They have strong Inner Leaders and the confidence it takes to lead sustainability and innovation.

You will leave this session with:

-A better understanding of your Inner Leader

-10 powerful, yet practical, confidence boosters that you can use for yourself and with others

-Inspired action-steps that are doable, enjoyable and fulfilling

Before you can successfully lead innovation, including efforts designed to strengthen environmental sustainability and social responsibility, you must first lead yourself. So, join me on November 6 and invest in yourself and your self-confidence.

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Go Wild with the Spirituality of Innovation!!

-Dr. Connie

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