Listed below are free resources designed to help you begin or expand the journey of leading your own future.

Books & Coaching Tools

Please feel free to use these resource to help yourself and others.  I use these tools with my coaching clients, so I know they work!  All I ask is that you give appropriate credit.  And, let me know how using the tool works for you!

The Bee who was too Busy

The Bee who was too Busy is a fully-illustrated book for women in midlife who are struggling to transform their lives and their futures. It is a short read for anyone struggling with aging and life transition, which for many of us includes kids, partners, parent care, careers and much more!

The Bee that was Too Busy is also available for purchase! Send us a note below to order your signed copy today.

Blue the Bee Learns to Be Happy

Happiness is essential for success. Blue the Bee Learns to Be Happy was created to help individuals and teams learn how to increase their levels of happiness in the present to achieve better outcomes in the future. It is an interactive guide based on science and designed for life. Download your free digital copy of Blue the Bee Learns to Be Happy and enjoy creating a more positive and productive future!

Blue the Bee Cover

The Rural Futures Podcast

Enjoy three seasons of the Rural Futures podcast. I had the privilege of interviewing futurists, mavericks, entrepreneurs and leaders about the future of technology, the environment and humanity.
Our team added an amazing student segment and a few special episodes focused on the future of women. Enjoy!!

For those who like research studies, stats and detailed reading:

Strategic foresight, leadership, and the future of rural healthcare staffing in the United States.

JAAPA. 2018 May; 31(5): 44–49.Published online 2018 Apr 11. doi: 10.1097/01.JAA.0000532119.06003.12

Abstract: This article uses a strategic foresight tool, megatrends, to examine forces influencing long-term healthcare staffing in the rural United States. Two megatrends-exponential advances in science and technology and the continued evolution of the decentralized global marketplace-will influence and ultimately help shape the future of rural healthcare. Successful health ecosystems of the future will need to be customer-driven, more affordable, and tech-savvy. Successful evolution in an era of continuous change will require a blend of intentional engagement with stakeholders, strategic foresight, and future-focused leadership. More research is needed to fully understand not only the challenges of rural healthcare but also the emerging opportunities.

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