The Power of the Positive

As an entrepreneur, life can be a bit challenging. One question I have been asking myself as we near the end of 2009 and move into 2010 is, “how can I really grow my business this year?” I am determined to take my business from small potatoes to the big time. As part of my journey, I am going to continue to blog about resources I find helpful; however, I am also going to pump things up a bit. I am going to really focus, set some high goals that I will achieve and take more risks. Most of all, I am going to be extremely positive. I have been experimenting with the law of attraction (I have been a bit skeptical) but am finding that it really does work!!

If you want to grow your business by being more entrepreneurial and by benefiting from the Power of the Positive, join me in my quest to do the same!

Feel free to e-mail me at for questions or to join me!

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