My Latest Adventure: The International Coach Academy (ICA)

In an effort to strengthen my leadership and innovation coaching services, I registered for the Certified Professional Coach Program (CPCP) through the International Coach Academy (ICA).  I have already participated in two telecourses, and I really enjoyed them.  I selected this program for the following reasons:

1.  Flexibility:  I can take classes whenever and wherever…super cool educational model!

2.  Customization:  I get to customize my program with the content I want to use with my clients (and already use in my firm).  I am already a coach, so this is a huge advantage!

3.  International Audience:  ICA has students enrolled from around the world.  I totally enjoy learning from people from around the world.  What a rich experience this is going to be!!

My goal is to finish the program in about 1 year…..follow and join me on my journey!

Dr. Connie

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