I must be CRAZY…..right??

I have been looking to add some new profit centers to Wild.  I think I have found one but am a bit skeptical.  My 3-ring binder is telling me it is worth a try but I just can’t decide.  I am big on following my intuition, but even my perfect intuition is a little cloudy on this one.  I am sure it will come to me.  

The company I am researching is Arbonne International.  Normally, I would not even consider a multi-level marketing business; however, I believe in their products (because I use them!!) and can see an opportunity to meld it well with my Wild Coaching.  

Marie Kapels, an Independent Consultant with Arbonne, introduced me to the opportunity.  She has been patient with me and answered thousands of questions.  I have enjoyed our conversations (and yes, I realize she benefits is I go for it!) and she is a success in all aspects of her life.  No matter what, I am glad I met her!

I am still in the research stage at this point in time, so if anyone has information or direct experience….let me know!!

Going Wild!!

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  1. Go for it! Network Marketing is often very misunderstood, however its a brillant business model especially as you pointed out with the beauty of techology!!Just read the 10 things you will hear before you go for your dreams! 🙂 I've heard all of those…it's awesome to own your own life and personal development!!! That's the only way to get past those 10!ONWARD!!!and did I say GO FOR IT!!!:):)Marie

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