Setting SMARTR Goals

Many of us have heard of or used SMART goals.  In my coaching practice, I use SMARTR goals with my clients.  

(I watched a recent interview between Larry King and Kim Kardashian.  It was really interesting.  Kim mentioned that she sat down with her Mom and the beginning of each year to establish goals.  And, they achieve most of the goals before the end of they year….with more success than they planned.  What a great testament to the power of goals!)

What are SMARTR goals?  

I first developed and used SMARTR goals when I was working on my Ph.D. back in 2002.  I am not a very organized person by nature and neither was my major advisor. So, I developed a system that kept both of us on task so I could graduate on time!!  

The first step to creating successful SMARTR goals is creating clarity with a vision.  A great vision shapes your future by providing direction, purpose and clarity.   It is a statement of the future you are working to create everyday.  Used wisely, it is a powerful tool.  Write down your personal vision-a statement what you are working to accomplish. (Note:  Different SMARTR goals should be developed for different vision statements.)  After writing down your vision, you are ready to create SMARTR Goals!  SMARTR Goals help you achieve your vision.  

S.M.A.R.T.R Goals are:
Specific:  Create specific or detailed goals that clearly outline what you need to do to make your vision a reality.

Measurable:  Builds in accountability.  Use metrics and numbers in your goal statements so you know when you hit a great milestone!

Achievable:  Create goals that are doable.  Each goal is a step forward towards the larger vision you have established.  Small consistent steps are the key to accomplishing big dreams!
Relevant: Moves you forward in a way that holds meaning to you.  Make sure your goals excite you!  Passion behind performance equals success!   Enjoy the journey!
Time bound:  Each goal should be completed in an established time frame.  When will you accomplish your goal?   Set a date and establish a time line.

Rewarded:  This is the best part of a SMARTR goal!  How will you celebrate achieving your goal?  Be creative and have fun with this one.  Celebrate each success and recognize your accomplishments!

Here is an example of a SMARTR Goal from a worksheet I use with my clients:

SMARTR Goal Statement
Due Date
I will help 5 coaching clients establish SMARTR Goals by May 1, 2011
May 1, 2011
Day at the spa!

That’s it!  The basics of writing SMARTR Goals.  Fire me an e-mail if you are interested in learning more about SMARTR goals!  

Enjoy your journey!
-Dr. Connie

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