Big Dogs at the National Food Manufacturers Conference

I presented my latest and greatest innovation program, Running with the Big Dogs:  Innovation Strategies for Business, at the National Food Manufacturers Conference last week and had a blast!  A tremendous audience turning great ideas into reality!!

This morning, I received a letter from the conference organizer, Jill Gifford.  The evaluations are in and my session was the most highly rated one of the conference. 🙂
What a tremendous honor!  It’s great to know so many people and businesses benefited from the presentation!!

A Big Dog thanks to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Food Processing Center for inviting me to present at their awesome event!The picture above is of my dogs Fred and Barney.  They were the stars of the show!  When it comes to innovation, we all have to think like Fred and Barney…BIG!!  If a couple of 8 lb. wiener dogs can live like they are big dogs, then so can all organizations-big and small!

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