The Apple Jack Festival in Nebraska City, NE was a huge success despite the cold and rain, which was great news for the economy here.  Several of our Nebraska businesses sold their arts and crafts while making some tremendous presentations!  

The University of Nebraska planted many seeds of innovation over the weekend!  We had a number of great programs and demonstrations ranging from birding to a book signing.  UNL also educated folks about robotics, ice cream and beef.  We are truly a diverse organization!  Our first annual Iron Chef:  Battle AppleJack competition was a huge success…and a lot of fun!  A young girl and her family won the competition.  She had waited for 3 weeks to compete in the Iron Chef competition-glad to see she savored in personal success!

We love to support local economies here at Kimmel.  I also enjoy the opportunity to support American businesses in my personal shopping endeavors.  Thanks to all who came out and supported the University, Kimmel and our Nebraska businesses.

As mentioned in a number of my trends to watch articles, Made in America is making a huge comeback-finally!  This  slow tide that has been swelling for awhile, but the whole concept of gaining more steam as of late!  It’s great to see consumers changing their purchasing habits and personally innovating to grow our economy here in the great USA!

There is another wonderful and fun way to support our economy.  Attend the sixth annual VegFest on September 24, 2001!

This awesome celebration honors farmers and communities!  You can read all about it online at:

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