Market Journal Gets New Host!

A new day is dawning in my career!  The official University of Nebraska-Lincoln press release is out for my new gig as the host of Market Journal!  It is posted below.  A big thanks to Dan Moser from IANR News Service for the awesome write up and marketing help!  Looking forward to having you all tune in on NET or the web ( to learn more about agricultural innovation!

Go Wild!
Dr. Connie
LINCOLN, Neb. – After more than 10 years on the air, “Market Journal” is getting a new host.

Connie Reimers-Hild, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension educator, is taking the reins this month, replacing agricultural economist Doug Jose, who is retiring after hosting the weekly risk-management program since its inception in 2000.

“Market Journal” executive producer Kurtis Harms, of UNL’s Educational Media, said the change in host likely will result in some new directions for the program. Reimers-Hild’s focus as an extension educator is entrepreneurship and innovation, and he expects her to bring that interest to the program.

Reimers-Hild is looking forward to the new opportunity.

“I am very excited about hosting Market Journal. It is a great show dedicated to helping producers make marketing decisions,” she said. “It is an honor to be part of a team focused on helping our agricultural producers and rural economies by presenting research and information with their best interests in mind.”

Reimers-Hild said the strength of the program since its inception is providing solid information that helps producers make the right decisions in an ever-changing environment. “I want to inspire viewers in ways that lead them to act on their ideas. We want to help viewers achieve success.”

Reimers-Hild said agricultural innovation and literacy will be a focus of the program, and she praised previous members of the program’s team for building “a program with a great foundation.” She also praised the Nebraska Soybean Board, which now sponsors “Market Journal.”

“And of course, we appreciate every single Market Journal viewer. I would welcome them to provide us with feedback and ideas,” she added.

Harms said other changes are coming, including an application that will be compatible with the iPad and other devices.

“Market Journal” got its start in 2000 with a series of video conferences in June through November. It grew from there to become a weekly program.

“Market Journal” airs Saturdays at 7 a.m. CT on NET1/NET HD, and Sunday sat 9 a.m. CT on NET 2. It’s also archived at

Founding producer Jim Randall retired earlier this year. In addition to Harms, other new staff include Jeff Wilkerson, program assistant.

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Kurtis Harms, producer, Educational Media, 402-472-3019,
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Variety is the spice of life at Kimmel and at the University!

I am really looking forward to the new opportunity of hosting Market Journal!  What a wonderful web of wonder I get to weave with the MJ team and the State of Nebraska!!

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