Businesses Wanted: Entrepreneurship Acceleration System!

Hello Everyone!  As most of you know, I am one of the certified Gallup Entrepreneur Acceleration System (EAS) Guides.  I just received the message below from Dr. Ronnie Green, Vice Chancellor at the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources.  We are still recruiting businesses for the EAS program and need to have them enrolled by this Friday (February 10, 2012)!!    I already have all the businesses I can successfully guide for 2012; however, other Guides are still recruiting.  Did I mention this?  Scholarships are being provided for participating businesses this year.  Take advantage of this great program and grow your business in 2012!!

Message from Vice Chancellor Green:

Entrepreneurship is an area that we are particularly passionate about in the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (IANR).  We are committed to improving the future of Nebraska’s people, businesses and communities.  IANR’s innovation in research, teaching, and extension education is greatly enhanced through the active engagement of entrepreneurs.  To build on our commitment to the entrepreneurial spirit we are in a partnership with Gallup, Nebraska Department of Economic Development, and the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce; to create the Entrepreneur Accelerator System.  (More information below).  We are currently recruiting companies to participate, so if you or someone you know could benefit from this program please visit the website below.”


Ronnie D. Green,  Ph.D.


Vice President, Agriculture and Natural Resources

University of Nebraska and
Harlan Vice Chancellor, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources

University of Nebraska-Lincoln


202 Agricultural Hall

Lincoln, NE 68583-0708

Ph:  (402) 472-2871

FAX:  (402) 472-5854

Recently, the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce, and Gallup formed a partnership to increase the rate of entrepreneurial growth in Nebraska. The Gallup Entrepreneur Acceleration System (EAS) started in 2011, and the first year was a resounding success, with many organizations realizing improved business metrics due to the learning from the program.
As a Nebraska businessperson, we invite you to take part in this unique opportunity to receive training in the core concepts of Gallup’s consulting model for business growth.

The Gallup EAS program is based on the science of behavioral economics. Through years of research and studying the way people think and behave, Gallup has discovered the powerful results that companies can achieve when they develop engaged human capital. In simple terms, engaged employees lead to engaged customers, which increases sustainable profit, and reduces turnover.
If you are interested in this program, please visit our website to register for the 2012 cohort and to learn more about this exciting program. You will find past participant testimonials and a video from Governor Dave Heineman describing the success of this program. 

REQUIREMENTS (Note: I reworded this part a bit)

  • Nebraska-based corporate headquarters 
  • Four to 500 employees 
  • Quarterly Submission of Net Sales, Profits, FTE or Total Labor starting from Q3 2011 through 2013 
  • A time commitment to attend workshops, every other month (March 22 – Aug 2, 2012) in either Omaha or Kearney
  • Face-to-face meetings with your Guide between workshop sessions.  These meetings focus on working through the program tools/resources.  

Information from the web site:

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