Manuscript on Coaching for Personal Innovation Submitted!

Phew!!  I just submitted a manuscript to the 2012 Distance Learning Administration Conference.  With only 1 month to write this original article….well, let’s just say I am glad 2012 is a leap year!

Here’s the Abstract:
Coaching is emerging as a tool that can be used to achieve sustainable personal and organizational innovation, and distance education technologies have made coaching more accessible, affordable and available.  Distance learning professionals are in a unique position to help technology-based coaching evolve in an effective and sustainable manner.  The expertise and experience of distance learning professionals has the potential to advance the interrelationships between teaching, learning and coaching in an effort to help individuals and organizations achieve sustainable and meaningful innovation.  A coaching case study utilizing the Inner Leader Coaching Ecosystem is presented as a tool to begin the conversation about ways in which the distance learning community can strengthen and expand technology-based coaching. 

The Four Phases of the Inner Leader Coaching Ecosystem (ICE)

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