Final Thoughts on Confidence (for now 🙂

There are many ways to develop your confidence.  Ultimately, you have to decide what is right for you.  Journaling, meditation, the use of personal mantras and affirmations, goal setting, visualization, art, nature, healthy eating, physical activity and hiring coaches can all be great tools to help you move forward. Whatever you decide, just make sure the strategies and structures you put in place work for you and are focused on what you truly want to accomplish and experience. For example, many people set false goals they never achieve because they left their heart and personal desire out of the process.
Setting and pursuing false goals leads to lack of interest and motivation, which leads to goal abandonment and ultimately a feeling of failure and self-doubt.   Feelings of failure and self-doubt can seriously erode self-confidence.  Goals should be set for you as an individual and based on personal fulfillment, not simply what you think you should do based on the thoughts and influences of others or society. Establish goals, strategies and structures that are holistic and recognize the importance and power of the mind-body-spirit connection. 
After Mom’s sudden death, I had many conversations with Dad about living life.  He told me he had no regrets. My parents celebrated forty-five years of marriage a month before Mom’s passing, and Dad said they did everything they wanted to do together. I will never know Mom’s true thoughts on this subject; I just hope she felt the same way. Life-changing events have a way of putting life into perspective. I now use “live life with no regrets” as a personal mantra that I repeat to myself daily. My philosophy about life has become this: Life should be a journey filled with wonderful experiences, and we must define success for ourselves. Many of us tend to focus too much on accumulating titles and stuff rather than experiences. Our individual journeys should be what we want to experience and enjoy. Life should not be a daily grind.  Life should not be a to-do list.
Your time on this planet is short, so enjoy it!  Be confident and lead yourself on this journey called life. Live a fulfilling life with purpose and passion.  Share your true talents with the world, have fun, and live your best life every single day!
Go Wild!
—Dr. Connie

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