You create your future in the present moment.

“I would recommend business owners take the time to experience coaching.  This experience helped me become a better manager of my time and of people.” 

-Dave L.

Co-owner of a Small Business

“Our non-profit would not have made it through COVID without Dr. Connie.”

-Ernie W.

President of an Educational Foundation

“I’ve already begun the steps toward getting what I want.  Pretty cool, huh?  It was all due to your presentation!  Thanks again.’

-Pat M.

Leadership Workshop Participant

I very much appreciate your insight and ability to take in all of the reactions and mental energy in the room and guide us towards an outcome.”

– Willow H.

Organizational Director of an Agricultural Association

Ready to Change Your Future?


My name is Connie Reimers-Hild. I am the Founder and Chief Futurist at Wild Innovation as well as the creator of F * School.

In 2005, I discovered that personal fulfillment was the key to motivation in adult leaders and have been on a mission to help individuals and organizations create greater prosperity for themselves, their teams, and the planet ever since.  

Wild Innovation uses the “Wild Method” – a unique blend of strategic foresight, neuroscience and nature to help leaders and organizations create more prosperous and purposeful futures.

My path combines a twenty-five-year career at the University of Nebraska with twenty years of entrepreneurship.  During this time, I helped more than 150 companies and 30,000 individuals better understand and create unique innovation plans designed to achieve their ideal futures while enjoying the present moment.

But, it hasn’t all been awesome.

After doing “whatever it takes” and playing by ”the rules” during my twenty-five-year academic career (while also having a family and running Wild Innovation), I was the first female to be appointed to an Executive Director (interim) role at a university-wide Institute. Leading the Rural Futures Institute at the University of Nebraska was an enjoyable experience because we had a dedicated team of people eager to partner and innovate with leaders throughout the United States and the world. We also launched the Rural Futures podcast, which brought together thought-leaders to explore the future of rural places. As a Futurist, I could see the possibilities! I loved working with leaders from a several countries as well as from companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple and Verizon.

While seemingly a “success” in an organization I cherished, I suddenly found myself and my team being sidelined by new administrators who had to make budget cuts. My career meant everything to me and was a HUGE part of my identity.  When things fell apart, it was time for me to make a change.

I began focusing on my health, family, and business. I also set out on a quest to rediscover what it means to be a human, a mom, a wife, and a lover of life in a modern world.

Leaving a long-term career, as a middle-aged woman, has been a challenging and insightful process.

Finding effective resources that combined both strategic foresight with coaching was almost impossible, so I used what I knew and learned along the way to create them!

I had to change my self-identity, forgive many elements of my past (mom guilt anyone?) and reignite my soul. I also had to learn that life does not have to be hard. Rather, it can — and should be — enjoyable and fulfilling. Life should be fun!

My Futurist self knows that we create our future in the present. And, I had to uncover — and in many cases rediscover — my desired future while expanding my mindset and designing daily actions and habits designed to help me achieve both my personal and professional goals. Thus, the creation of F*School (Futures School).

The Launch of F * School

F*School uses the Wild Method to blend strategic foresight with neuroscience so leaders and organizations can both map out their Purposeful Futures and create the mindset shifts and habits to make them happen.  

Elements of F*School are now used in the keynotes, workshops and coaching sessions I create for clients. There is also an online course just for women going through mid-career transitions.

Wild Innovation has emerged as a company dedicated to helping 100,000 leaders create greater purpose and prosperity both people and our planet.

Wild has helped more than 30,000 people around the world so far is on track to help 50,000 by 2025.

My biggest lesson? Sometimes you have to pursue a new future. If that is where you are, then go wild and contact us today!

Untame Your Future,

-Dr. Connie

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PhD in Human Sciences and Leadership Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Master of Science in Entomology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources & Environmental Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Associate of Science in Radiography, Clarkson College

Certificate in Strategic Foresight, University of Houston


Certified Gallup Strengths Coach

Certified Professional Coach, International Coach Academy

Certified Real Colors Facilitator

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