Loral Langemeier and Brady Leffler: Two Nebraskans on "The View"

I am pretty positive that there were 2 Nebraskans on today’s episode of “The View.” Loral Langemeier talked about entrepreneurship in the teen and tween set. She grew up on a farm in Nebraska. You can learn more about Loral, her business and her efforts to help people make money on her web site: http://lorallangemeier.com/

The second famous Nebraskan is Brady Leffler who comes from my hometown of West Point, NE. He played keyboard for the band that appeared today-I think-I have not confirmed this with him, but my Mom told me he was going to be on so it has to be true, right? Brady is actually the nephew of my cousin’s husband (I hope you all followed that!) I am working to confirm Brady’s appearance, which is totally cool! Way to go Brady!!

What a great example of two people who are being totally entrepreneurial! They have the ability to recognize opportunity and take risks. Both Loral and Brady are in charge of their own destinies. As a result, they are pursuing and living their dreams! AWESOME!!!

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