Ahh…The Joys of Technology!!!

I am growing my business and my understanding of technology!!  I must say, the journey I started in October of 2010 has proven to be quite a doozy!  Wild Innovation is migrating to wildinnovation.com and askdrconnie (the blog that used to be known as Wild Innovation) is now live.

I have been working to get my business and blog domains squared away, and it has been a real challenge.  Wading through pages and pages of help articles could not do the trick in my case.  Thankfully, I found live help at GoDaddy.com!  And, each person I have talked with (yes, I have made numerous help calls!!) has helped me with all the patience required with someone who is only learning about “Advanced DNS Settings.”  The e-mail help through Google Apps was also awesome.  This Gen X entrepreneur has learned a lot over the past few weeks from some very helpful young folks…thanks everyone!!

Innovation is important…essential to any business or organization-mine included.  It takes a team to innovate, and I am happy to say I have greatly added to my team over the last few months.  It has been challenging at times; however, I am more excited than ever about all of the possibilities!!  A BIG thanks to everyone who has helped me at GoDaddy and Google!!  I truly appreciate your patience, kindness and assistance!!

Going Wild!!!
-Dr. Connie

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