Creating Awareness

Creating awareness is one of the most important things coaches can do for their clients; however, clients have to be in a place where they want to be aware.  They must be open to personal change and innovation.  In my work, I define this as developing a client’s Inner Leader.
What in the world does this mean?  Clients must be in a place where they want to create sustainable change in their lives.  This is a challenge for most of us.  Have you ever tried to break a bad habit or take on new habits that are good for you?  How well did trying work? 
One of the most valuable lessons I learned from one of my peer coaches at International Coach Academy (ICA) is that we must quit trying and actually get into a place of action.  When we are ready for action, coaches can help us create clarity around what we truly want to achieve and help us develop structures to accomplish our goals. 
A first step towards creating awareness is realizing what is working in our lives and what is not.  We have to be very honest during this process, which is quite an emotional journey.  I have coached individuals through the awareness process.  Most of the time, deep introspection leads to deep emotion.  Emotions range from excitement and joy to sadness and fear.  The process should be emotional.  If it is not, a new journey of self-awareness is not occurring. 
While developing my coaching awareness and coaching skills through ICA, I made a number of connections between my research and coaching abilities.  For example, the first of my 10 Pillars of Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation is Know Thyself (self-awareness).  Great leaders tend to be very self-aware.  They know themselves well and are honest about their strengths, weaknesses and life goals.  A high sense of self-awareness helps leaders focus with passion and confidence. 
As a coach, I can heighten the awareness of my clients with a variety of coaching techniques and tools.  Techniques and tools include visualizations, meditations, and powerful questions.  Perhaps one or the most powerful techniques is help clients let go of the things in their life that are no longer working for them.  It is essential for clients to have self-forgiveness along their self-awareness journey.  Letting go helps us make room for the future we truly want create and experience.  Letting go helps us move towards the future.
It is a wonderful process of self-discovery and personal innovation designed to set the stage for new experiences and a more fulfilling life!
Lead Your Live with Passion!
-Dr. Connie

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