Dr. Connie’s Top 10 Confidence Boosters

Strengthen your Inner Leader by investing time and resources in your self-confidence.  There are a number of confidence building tools; however, a quick reference is always helpful.  Based on my research and experience, I have developed Dr. Connie’s Top 10 Confidence Boosters:
1.    Cherish Your Freedom
Realize that you alone control your destiny.  You have the freedom to decide how to live your life every single day.
2.    Invest in Self-Care
Care for yourself so you are better able to maximize your energy and talents.  Self-care is the foundation for living a life of strength and confidence.  Take time to relax and do things you enjoy.  Get out into nature.  Exercise daily and eat for health and energy to strengthen your body, mind, spirit and confidence. 
3.    Be Honest with Yourself
Only you know what you truly desire.  Be honest about want, make a plan, and go for it! 
4.    Program the Subconscious Mind
The subconscious mind is a powerful tool.  It produces automatic responses and has the ability to generate ideas, create solutions and make us aware of amazing opportunities!  Train your subconscious to help you develop a positive, open mind.  Deliberate repetition of thoughts, words, phrases and images can help program your subconscious.
5.    Take Purposeful, Inspired Action Daily
What you do every day matters.  Life is the accumulation of individual days, so don’t waste even one!  Purposeful daily action is essential to sustainable, personal innovation.
6.    Create Your Personal Confidence Team
Surround yourself with people you know, admire, respect, appreciate, like, and trust.  Make sure the people on your team believe in you.  You must also believe in them.  Surround yourself only with the best, so be honest and selective!
7.    Measure and Monitor Your Progress
Take time to reflect upon and measure your success.  Include both numbers and creative ways to measure success like thoughts, feelings, new experiences, and ideas.  Also, monitor the good things that happen as a result of taking inspired actions.  Learn from both positive and negative experiences and change course when needed.
8.    Celebrate Your Success
Celebrating success will keep you motivated while growing your confidence. Celebrate both the small and big wins.  Share your victories with others.
9.    Have Fun
Fun is absolutely invaluable.  It is foundational to creativity and innovation and is a wonderful stress reliever and relationship builder.  Fun also keeps us young and is the fountain of life!

   10. Go Wild!
Live BOLDLY and enjoy the ride.  Life is meant to be lived to the fullest.  Live life on your terms. Take inspired action with intention, awareness, purpose, passion, and confidence!

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