How to Create Your Desired Future on the Leaders of Transformation Podcast

I have to admit that I was super excited to do an interview with Nicole Jansen as part of her Leaders of Transformation Podcast. We talk about the future, the importance of a vision and how work and leadership are evolving; however, my biggest moment was actually diving into my own transition! I have not said or written a lot about why and how I left a twenty-five year career to pursue my own desired future. Honestly, it has been a hard to talk about for a number of reasons. We discuss it a bit in this interview, and it felt awesome just to voice my truth as well as my new adventure in midlife!

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Start creating your desired future today by enjoy the Dream Life 2025 exercise that is mentioned in podcast! After you complete the Dream Life 2025 exercise, let me know what your desired future looks like in the comments section below!

112 – Cultivating a Futurist Mindset with Connie Reimers-Hild – Jake A Carlson

Strategic foresight is a mix of mindset and methodology.  We are creating our futures in the present moment.  What are you doing to pursue the future you want to experience?  How can you cultivate a Futurist Mindset? And, why is this approach to life so important?

According to Jake, a few of the top takeaways from our episode focused on cultivating a futurist mindset include: 

Futurists help leaders and people better understand the future, and being a Futurist is a real thing!  Universities have teaching courses, degrees and certifications in strategic foresight (my certificate is from the University of Houston).

We create our future in the present moment.

Achieving your desired future is possible.   How?  You must combine methodology with mindset.  One of the first steps includes knowing what preferred future you want to achieve and experience.  You can do this by creating a Vivid Visual Vision, which blends fun with the future: 

In 3-5 years out what do you want to do and experience?

  • Use Crayons, Paints, any medium to make the vision as vivid as possible – make it your own whole brain, whole soul process
  • Get below the surface and become very self-aware and honest about your future
  • Proactively pause and find out what you want – step away from the demand and create a new model – become mindful
Listen to this episode of the Modern Leadership Podcast with Jake Carlson to learn more! Click on the link below and enjoy the show!

Source: 112 – Cultivating a Futurist Mindset with Connie Reimers-Hild – Jake A Carlson

Want to discover your leadership superpower?  Take Jake’s online assessment by going to his website – it is a fun exercise that all leaders can use!

To Change Yourself, Change Your World (and Your Brain)

Science can help people stick to their goals.  I posted a SMARTER Intentions coaching guide on Ask Dr. Connie on December 31, 2015 to help people set their true intentions for 2016.  If you are already struggling a bit, brain science offers a little help!

Kira Newman, from the University of Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, suggests changing your environment.  Newman suggests some simple tips, and I added a few more of my own.  The real goal here is to create new habits and behaviors that will ultimately influence your subconscious mind.

A few key takeaways from the article:

Map your goals and support your transformational journey by using the following techniques:

  1.  Add goals and reminders to your calendar and keep them posted where you can see them.  Newman notes that 10% of people forget their resolutions, so consistently keep them in front of you!
  2. Steer clear of temptation.  Notice obstacles and roadblocks that get in your way and move them!
  3. Surround yourself with inspiration (and I would add others who have the same mindset).  Create living and working spaces (I also have to add social networks to this list)  that fuel your soul and your goals.  Use cues that you see and hear throughout the day.  Newman suggests finding a piece of jewelry that holds meaning to you.  I have used this idea for years!  I wear a ring with a large, light blue stone that reminds me to play big and follow my dreams each and every day.

In addition to surrounding yourself with great people, or your social networks, I have to add another coaching tip:  Celebrate Your Success!  Many of us women over 40 are extremely busy and rarely take the time to recognize and celebrate our progress.  Get creative and do something for you!  Celebrating your success will keep you motivated and energized while helping you stay connected to your purpose.

Get the details from Kira Newman, editor and web producer at the Greater Good Science Center online: To Change Yourself, Change Your World

If you missed the SMARTER Intentions Coaching Guide on December 31, 2015, you can download it here: 2016 SMARTER Intentions Coaching Guide 12.31.15

Happy New Year

Dr. Connie’s Top 10 Confidence Boosters

Strengthen your Inner Leader by investing time and resources in your self-confidence.  There are a number of confidence building tools; however, a quick reference is always helpful.  Based on my research and experience, I have developed Dr. Connie’s Top 10 Confidence Boosters:
1.    Cherish Your Freedom
Realize that you alone control your destiny.  You have the freedom to decide how to live your life every single day.
2.    Invest in Self-Care
Care for yourself so you are better able to maximize your energy and talents.  Self-care is the foundation for living a life of strength and confidence.  Take time to relax and do things you enjoy.  Get out into nature.  Exercise daily and eat for health and energy to strengthen your body, mind, spirit and confidence. 
3.    Be Honest with Yourself
Only you know what you truly desire.  Be honest about want, make a plan, and go for it! 
4.    Program the Subconscious Mind
The subconscious mind is a powerful tool.  It produces automatic responses and has the ability to generate ideas, create solutions and make us aware of amazing opportunities!  Train your subconscious to help you develop a positive, open mind.  Deliberate repetition of thoughts, words, phrases and images can help program your subconscious.
5.    Take Purposeful, Inspired Action Daily
What you do every day matters.  Life is the accumulation of individual days, so don’t waste even one!  Purposeful daily action is essential to sustainable, personal innovation.
6.    Create Your Personal Confidence Team
Surround yourself with people you know, admire, respect, appreciate, like, and trust.  Make sure the people on your team believe in you.  You must also believe in them.  Surround yourself only with the best, so be honest and selective!
7.    Measure and Monitor Your Progress
Take time to reflect upon and measure your success.  Include both numbers and creative ways to measure success like thoughts, feelings, new experiences, and ideas.  Also, monitor the good things that happen as a result of taking inspired actions.  Learn from both positive and negative experiences and change course when needed.
8.    Celebrate Your Success
Celebrating success will keep you motivated while growing your confidence. Celebrate both the small and big wins.  Share your victories with others.
9.    Have Fun
Fun is absolutely invaluable.  It is foundational to creativity and innovation and is a wonderful stress reliever and relationship builder.  Fun also keeps us young and is the fountain of life!

   10. Go Wild!
Live BOLDLY and enjoy the ride.  Life is meant to be lived to the fullest.  Live life on your terms. Take inspired action with intention, awareness, purpose, passion, and confidence!