4th of July Gratitude!

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays!  I love the fireworks, food and time with family.  I am also grateful  to be free!!

In the United States of America, we have the best gift of all: Freedom.  Many men and women have sacrificed their lives and families to protect our freedom.

Cherish your freedom.  Respect your freedom.  Use it wisely.

Remember, we have the freedom to decide how to live our lives every single day.  You have the power to live in the present while creating your desired future.

Enjoy all the fun that the fourth has to offer; however, make time to thank veterans, active military personnel, and their family members whenever possible.  We all owe them all a deep debt of gratitude!

Go Wild with Fun on the 4th of July!

-Dr. Connie

2 responses to “4th of July Gratitude!”

  1. Amen! Cherishing our freedom and those who sacrifice so much to make it possible. Thank you!

    Granddaughter of a WWII Vet KIA, Daughter of a Korean War Vet, Niece of two Vietnam War Vets, Wife of a retired USAF/Nebraska Air National Guard Vet, Mother to two Nebraska Army National Guard Medics now vets and a Tillman Military Scholar, Mother-in-law to a Nebraska Army National Guard Flight Medic who is in med school. Grandma to a grandson who has had both parents deploy to Iraq … mom once, dad multiple times – he is only 6 yrs old.

    1. Soni: Thanks for your amazing reply! I had no idea about the legacy you and your family have had and are still creating to make/keep this country great. A BIG THANK YOU to all your family has done and continues to do to keep us all free!!

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