The Future of Coaching: A Silicon Valley Approach?

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Daria Mezentseva, a TV presenter from the Ukraine, who was curious about how Wild Innovation uses strategic foresight and neuroscience as the foundation for Futures Coaching.

We talked about the future of coaching and business. Venture capital, combined with a Silicon Valley approach to coaching, will continue to disrupt and transform many service-based industries. How do business owners compete and collaborate? This question can be addressed by using a combination of strategic foresight and futures coaching. At Wild Innovation, we help leaders create and pursue their unique purposeful futures in order to compete and collaborate.

Tune in to learn more! Please share your insights and comments. We are always curious about what other leaders are seeing and experiencing out there!

Thanks a million!

-Dr. Connie

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PS: You can read the notes from this episode below!

Future Foresight coaching, Silicon Valley approach, future of coaching.

Why Silicon Valley’s approach to coaching is booming? How to enter the online coaching business and value yourself as a coach? Foresight strategy: what does it look like? Futurist, author and career coach Dr. Connie explains! Time-table: 0:00 Intro 1:04 Who is Dr. Connie? 1:22 What is Wild innovation? What futurist does? 2:00 What are the benefits of working with the future coach? 2:48 How to value yourself as a coach? 5:00 Is it easy to enter the strategic foresight coaching niche? 6:20 C-suite leadership development 8:22 Leadership coaching for companies 9:33 Could everybody be an entrepreneur? 10:33 Is there any competition in the foresight coaching niche? 12:07 What is the future of coaching? How works the Silicon Valley approach? 13:28 The book by Dr. Connie: “Go wild with Confidence”. How to boost your confidence? 13:52 Brand Introwise questions Book a call with Dr. Connie:… The book by Dr. Connie:… Create an Introwise account here: You can get an onboarding session to better understand how to use the platform for your benefit. Book a call here: or Introwise LinkedIn (we host live events for coaches and consultants here!):… We share insider business tips in our private Facebook group, join if you want to become a part of an amazing community of experts! Join here: online/ref=share We publish lots of useful advice and lists on our Instagram:

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