What Exactly is a Megatrend?

According to Dictionary.com, a megatrend is, “a large-scale change in circumstances or fashion.”

The next series of blog posts will focus on megatrends in distance and online learning.  Why?  Education, like all industries, is undergoing a dramatic shift.  It is really important to study the megatrends, or large shifts, to plan for, anticipate and even create change.  Megatrends can help us decide which road to take and where to invest our precious resources-especially when the path seems a bit flooded and unclear!  The megatrends in this series will be helpful to people working in a variety of industries ranging from education to entrepreneurship and healthcare.  The only hint I will give is this:  Fun will be included in the series!

Please add your thoughts, ideas and views on current megatrends.  I would love to hear from you!

Go Wild with Megatrends!

-Dr. Connie


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