How to Create a Futures Capsule: A FREE Mini-Course!

Why Create a Futures Capsule?

It’s Time to Map Out Your Mini-Moonshots

The new year will go by quickly for many of us – as will the next few! This is one of the main reasons why it is so important for all of us to intentionally create a Purposeful Future.

Studies show that only about 15% of Americans have a plan for their lives. It’s time to change that!

Why? Because we create our future in the present moment through our beliefs, behaviors, and actions. Having a plan helps guide the thoughts that create our actions in the present while building the future.

Have you ever created a time capsule so you can look at it later and remember the past?  A Futures Capsule is designed to do the reverse – it helps us plan for the future.

Mapping out our desired Mini-Moonshots – our milestones, goals, and adventures – creates momentum through the process of dreaming, designing, and doing.

Wild Innovation is offering a free mini-course to help people create a Futures Capsule so they can intentionally design both the present and future.

Our free course will help people take a look at the next four years of their lives – by establishing mini-moonshots – for each year. Enjoy the process, and let us know if you have any questions! The mini-course consists of only two short videos and two bonus videos. We want to make the process of creating your future simple and enjoyable!

Go to the mini-free course by clicking on:

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Go Wild & Create Your Purposeful Future!

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