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Are You Ready to Launch a Business?

Come to the University of Nebraska Kimmel Education and Research Center on November 1 and find out!

I am so excited!  A team of my colleagues from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is coming to Kimmel to help launch businesses!  The workshop our team is holding on November 1 is designed to help anyone thinking about starting a business. It will also be valuable to current business owners.

If you are thinking, “Am I ready to start my business?”  Then, this workshop is for you!    Put the best resources to work for you to help you find answers to your questions.  Attend this workshop and learn:

·        What skills and talents you bring to business

·        Where you can find resources

·        What impact starting a business will have on your family

·        What networks and connections you have

·        Why Marketing Research is important

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity!  We’ll discuss best practices and provide you with tools you can learn today and use tomorrow.  Tools that are tailored for your specific interests.  You will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with trained professionals to discuss your readiness to start a business.

You Will Immediately-

·       Understand the Key Factors to Readiness

·       Discover if I personally have what it takes to start a business

·       Learn how to take advantage of the many resources available to me

Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested in starting a business or those who are up and running and would like to learn strategies for success!

Registration Information:

Where:  University of Nebraska Kimmel Education & Research Center, 5985 G Road, Nebraska City

When: November 1, 10:00 – 4:00 pm

Cost:  Early Bird Registration $35 , after October 24, registration is $45

Contact Information: Connie Reimers-Hild (

Click on the  Register Now Button to take advantage of this opportunity.

 Go Wild with Your Business!!

-Dr. Connie

Are You Ready?

Book Panel A Success!

The book panel my husband Jim and I served on yesterday in Seward, NE was a great.

Approximately 20 people attended Chapters 8th Annual Local Authors Event, which was awesome!  It’s great to see an independent, locally owned store supporting creativity and innovation by hosting events designed to stimulate entrepreneurship and economic growth.  We met a lot of great people, including authors, business owners and even folks who can help us with tax issues from the Nebraska Department of Revenue.

I highly recommend visiting Seward.  It’s a fantastic community with such positive energy.  Make sure to stop in and support Chapters Books & Gifts in Seward when you get the chance.  Learn more about Chapters by visiting their web site: 
Jim and I both extend BIG THANK YOU to Carla Ketner (a true community leader) and her team at Chapters as well as my UNL Extension colleague, Dennis Kahl, for inviting us to be part of this fantastic program! 
Go Wild!
-Dr. Connie

I must be CRAZY…..right??

I have been looking to add some new profit centers to Wild.  I think I have found one but am a bit skeptical.  My 3-ring binder is telling me it is worth a try but I just can’t decide.  I am big on following my intuition, but even my perfect intuition is a little cloudy on this one.  I am sure it will come to me.  

The company I am researching is Arbonne International.  Normally, I would not even consider a multi-level marketing business; however, I believe in their products (because I use them!!) and can see an opportunity to meld it well with my Wild Coaching.  

Marie Kapels, an Independent Consultant with Arbonne, introduced me to the opportunity.  She has been patient with me and answered thousands of questions.  I have enjoyed our conversations (and yes, I realize she benefits is I go for it!) and she is a success in all aspects of her life.  No matter what, I am glad I met her!

I am still in the research stage at this point in time, so if anyone has information or direct experience….let me know!!

Going Wild!!

Great Quote for Entrepreneurial Folks to Remember!

I found a great quote today in my FranklinCovey planner that hits home for entrepreneurial folks and anyone interested in living a full and wonderful life:

“Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.” -Sydney J. Harris

This quote hit home with me, so make sure you do something that helps you move in the direction of your dreams today!!!

Inventors, Investors and Entrepreneurs Club (I2E Club)

We had another great meeting Inventors, Investors and Entrepreneurs (I2E) Club meeting last night…..Doug Damme, founder and owner of Eco-Green Enterprises, told us about his business and gave us some great entrepreneurial insight!

Deb Heidzig, Office Manager for the Kimmel Education and Research Center, Farmer and former cooperative founder, totally made us think with her awesome “Under Your Nose Trends” session.

It was an amazing meeting! Two familiar faces were back in the crowd and joined as members! We also had 3 new faces. Everyone added some positivity to the meeting.

And, we have our first corporate sponsor!! Thank you to Lora Damme, President & CEO, of Tri Valley Bank. Your generosity keeps I2E moving forward!!

The video recaps will be available for our members soon.

Mark your calendars for our next meeting….March 11!

Thanks for the great night….I am feeling truly inspired today!!
-Dr. Connie

Admired Risk Taker: Colleen Cleek

I recently read an article in the Omaha World Herald about a woman who I greatly admire. Her name is Colleen Cleek, and she is the owner of the Classy Gourmet Culinary Arts Center in Omaha, NE. I have never met her, but she really seems like she lives life to the fullest! She embodies the entrepreneurial personality…someone who controls her own destiny, takes risks and has a high need for achievement. She also gives back through charity work.

Ms. Cleek has done and continues to do it all-she teaches, she cooks, she is growing a business and a brand! Colleen has had some great past experiences, and is really building a great life for herself. She is a former 4-Her and Girl Scout who landed a spot on “Hell’s Kitchen.”

Learn more about the full life of this awesome woman by reading the article in the Omaha World Herald:

Or, visit the Classy Gourmet’s web site at: