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Kindle Version of Go Wild with Confidence Released Today!

My first ebook is published!!  The Kindle version of Go Wild with Confidence! is now available by going to:

I truly learned a lot from this process.  Is it all perfect?  No.  

For example, when CreateSpace converted the book file to the Kindle version, the first few letters of some of my references were cut-off in some readers.  They said this happens and there was nothing they could do, so I took a chance and published it.

Thanks to all of you who have supported me on this journey.  You mean the absolute world to me!

Off to celebrate with my family!!

Going Absolutely Wild!
-Dr. Connie

The Kindle Version of Go Wild with Confidence!

I have been working on the Kindle version of my book, Go Wild with Confidence!

It has been an interesting process.  Any digital book readers out there with suggestions?  If so, send them my way!  

I want to get the digital version of Go Wild with Confidence! published soon, and would love all the help I can get before I hit “Submit.”

Keep Going Wild!!
-Dr. Connie

Questions for The Mighty 1290 Radio Interview

I am preparing for my interview with Clint Bellows on Omaha’s hit new talk radio station, The Mighty 1290 KOIL. If you go to their web page,, you can click on the LISTEN LIVE tab and hear the interview.

Clint read my new book, Go Wild with Confidence!, and asked me to talk about coaching, confidence and leadership with a special focus on how these issues impact the United States.

I will be on at about noon (Central) on Sunday, February 17. That’s only 13 hours away from now!

So, what are some of your thoughts?

What are some of your thoughts about coaching?

How do confidence and leadership impact the United States?

I would love to hear from you before I go on the air!

Go Wild!
-Dr. Connie

My Book is Officially Published!

My blog has been a bit quite lately because I have been focusing on getting my book done.  I just hit “publish” last night, and is already available on Amazon!  Go Wild with Confidence! is officially available!!

This book is self-published through CreateSpace, which is an arm of Amazon.  As a self-published author, I do need help.  If you are interested in purchasing it, please review it on Amazon.  If you find mistakes, please let me know.  And, of course ideas for improvement are always welcome!  I will use them for volume 2!  🙂

On another note, I am working on improving my blog…more details to come!!

Thanks everyone!

Make sure to Go Wild today, and as always…

Be You & Do Something Cool!!
-Dr. Connie

You can order the book through Amazon:

Source: via Connie on Pinterest

Register for the 2012 MarketPlace Conference!

A Big Thank You to Nebraska Farmer and the Center For Rural Affairs for publishing this article about the keynote I will deliver at the 2012 MarketPlace Conference in my hometown of West Point, Nebraska.  
The Keynote will be based on my forthcoming book, Go Wild with Confidence!  I proofed a hard copy of the book Friday night, so it should be available soon!  
The original article can be found by visiting the Nebraska Farmer online.  
Looking forward to the conference!!
Go Wild this week and do something cool!!!
-Dr. Connie
The Center for Rural Affairs will hold the seventh annual MarketPlace rural entrepreneurship conference will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2013, at the Nielsen Community Center in West Point, Nebraska.
“Entrepreneurship and small businesses are the economic backbone of Nebraska’s rural economy. They are especially important during times of economic hardship,” says Chuck Hassebrook, executive director of the Center for Rural Affairs and the conference’s opening keynote. “MarketPlace is focused on creating jobs and building the rural economy. Anyone who wants to create their own opportunities and shape their own destiny through entrepreneurship should attend.”
Nebraska Native to Keynote Entrepreneurship Conference
Nebraska Native to Keynote Entrepreneurship Conference

According to Hassebrook, the conference offers a space to share ideas and learn from other attendees. It features hands-on learning opportunities for potential and existing farm, ranch, home-based and main street business owners as well as community leaders and young people interested in entrepreneurship.
“Entrepreneurs who attend MarketPlace tell us it makes a difference. Over half of small business participants have started, expanded, or made changes to their business because of the conference. And nearly 88% of small businesses who made changes or expanded their business as a result of MarketPlace sought financing to do so,” explains Hassebrook. “They borrowed money from banks and USDA Rural Development. They also turned to personal resources like savings and credit cards as the most common source of capital. Over three-fourths of attendees (79%) found new resources for their business because of participation and networking at MarketPlace.”
Dr. Connie Reimers-Hild, a leadership, innovation coach, educator and author, will be the luncheon keynote speaker. She will talk about “Creative Confidence: Leading Yourself & Your Business.”
She says, “Why invest in your self-confidence? Innovation always begins with people, and businesses of all shapes and sizes must innovate to survive and thrive. Self-confident individuals filled with passion and purpose are the most creative and innovative people.
She currently serves as Unit Leader at the University of Nebraska Lincoln Kimmel Education and Research Center in Nebraska City. She is also founder of the coaching and consulting firm, Wild Innovation. She is a native of West Point and now lives with her husband, and two children in Beaver Lake.  
Businesses and organizations have a chance to tap into many marketing opportunities by having an exhibit booth, selling their products on-site in the MarketPlace Store, or through sponsoring MarketPlace. The diverse sponsorship levels, and the MarketPlace Store and expositions, offer opportunities for organizations and businesses to choose the investment and participation level which best fits their marketing goals. Those interested in sponsorship or exhibitor information should contact Kim Preston, or 402-687-2103 ext. 1008.  
For more on MarketPlace, click here.

Super-Sonic Focus Time

It has been too long since my last post, but I have been super-sonic focused!  I had to re-examine a few things in my life over the last month and have been crazy-busy making life happen!

I gave a keynote at the South Dakota Marketplace conference, Creative Confidence:  Leading Yourself and Your Business, and it felt great!  It was the keynote I had playing in my head for years, and the MarketPlace conference was the perfect venue in which to launch it!  

I also taught a workshop, The Visual Vision:   Grow Your Bottom Line & Your Life, during the last afternoon of the conference.  Great energy filled the room!!!  People all left with a vision of where they want to go and what they want to experience.  There were a number of great breakthroughs.  One woman finally identified the concept for her children’s book, which she had been working on for quite awhile.  Another young man (who struggled with drawing at the beginning) came up with the vision for his welding company.  There were so many great discoveries in this class.  Cool things always happen when you blend Super-Sonic Focus Time with scented markers, crayons, and fun!  

Thanks to everyone who worked hard to make the conference a success.  A very BIG THANK YOU to my good friend and founder of eVentures Marketing, Shawnna Silvius, for hooking me up with the folks in South Dakota.  

After returning from the great state of South Dakota, I turned in a grant pre-proposal for a web-based talk show, had a job interview, and turned in my final book manuscript!!  My first book, Go Wild with Confidence!, should be available soon!!

Whoo Hoo…it was a busy October!  

I also attended my cousin’s wedding and had some Halloween fun with my family.  A great month and a great life!

Be You & Do Something Cool!
-Dr. Connie

Shawnna and I at the world’s only corn palace.  It’s a must-see in Mitchell, South Dakota!

Upcoming Book Event in Seward!

I have been working on finishing my New York Times Best Seller, Go Wild with Confidence! 

Well, it’s not a best seller quite yet; however, my invite to speak in Seward, NE is going to catapult it into fame and the history books!

I am so honored to be on a panel at Chapters Books and Gifts in Seward, NE.  The panel has a number of amazing authors and entrepreneurial minds, including:

Jim Hild
Laz Flores
Dennis Kahl
Victorine Lieske
Kathy Prevo
James Reisdorff
Annette Snyder

Join all of us at the 8th Annual Local Authors Event on Sunday, September 23 from 1-3 pm at Chapters.  

I will be posting updates to about this event and others.  You can also visit Chapters blog for more information and updates.  

Go a Little Wild…Be You and Do Something Cool!
-Dr. Connie