Go Wild with Confidence Hits #136,936 on Amazon!

Celebrating a publishing milestone with my family today!  It always feels good when you take a step in the direction of your dreams.  Best-seller status here I come!


I Need Your Help before Friday!!

I need your fresh insights about confidence before Friday? Why??

Clint Bellows, a man I truly admire, invited me to be a guest on the Tom Becka show this Friday at 3:30 PM. Clint is hosting the show, and I am starting to get my thoughts on confidence, leadership and coaching together. Your ideas, perspectives and experiences will make this radio experience on the Mighty 1290 a much richer experience for listeners.

Here’s a question to get the conversation started:
What do you do to strengthen your confidence and the confidence of others?

I would love to hear from you!

Go Wild with Confidence!!
-Dr. Connie

Jagger’s fun and amazing drawing represents my feelings about being on the show (I am so proud of my little artist):


Starting the New Year with True Intentions!


It’s the perfect day for writing.  The snow is falling and the new year is full of positive energy and gratitude!

If you are contemplating your resolutions or goals for 2014, my updated SMARTER Intentions and Authentic Goals Coaching Guide may be of use.  It is designed to help get you started or to help you refine what you may have already established.

Intentions influence our actions and behaviors.  If intentions are established with awareness, truth, and meaning, they help us experience a life filled with passion and personal fulfillment. Lack of understanding around our true intentions often causes frustration and confusion, which is one reason people oftentimes do not achieve their goals.  Many goals are written; however, they are not established with honest intent.  It’s time to get brutally honest about your true intentions so you can achieve authentic goals.

Intentions have the power to strengthen your Inner Leader and help you move forward in a meaningful way as long as they represent what you truly want to accomplish and experience.  Honest intentions, based on personal fulfillment and purpose, can also keep you motivated and focused while measuring progress and celebrating success.

What we truly intend will happen, so I use this coaching guide to encourage my clients to create SMARTER Intention Statements that support their personal vision.  So, what exactly are SMARTER Intentions?  They are statements designed to help you achieve your vision while holding your accountable and having some fun along the way because they are Super Cool, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time Bound, Evolved, and Rewarded.

The SMARTER Intentions and Authentic Goals coaching guide can easily be downloaded via the web by going to the University of Nebraska Extension Kimmel Education and Research Center Digital Commons site.  Simply click on: SMARTER Intentions and Authentic Goals.

Go Wild with your SMARTER Intentions and have a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!

-Dr. Connie

 Happy New Year

Shop Small this Cyber Monday

One way to shop small this Cyber Monday is to support authors and artists.  Online sales are incredibly important to this group of individuals.  I know because I am one of them.   We are entrepreneurs and small business owners working to support ourselves and our families by adding value to the lives of others.

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Make sure to search Amazon for other favorite artists and authors as well.  Or, simply go to their web sites and buy directly from these talented individuals!

Give the Gift of Going Wild this Christmas!

-Dr. Connie

Strengthen your Inner Leader and live your best life with purpose, passion, and fun!
Strengthen your Inner Leader and live your best life with purpose, passion, and fun!

Celebrate the 4th while Going Wild with Confidence!

To Celebrate the Fourth of July, Go Wild with Confidence is on sale for only $6.29.

Why? Because the first of my Top 10 Confidence Boosters, which are listed in the book, is Cherish Your Freedom!

Realize that you alone control your destiny, and you have the freedom to live your life every single day!

Celebrate your freedom and the fourth by getting your paperback or Kindle copy of Go Wild with Confidence today! The sale will end after the Fourth of July, so act now!!

Simple click on: http://amzn.com/1467949329 to order your copy today!

Thanks for supporting a new American author!

Go Wild!
-Dr. Connie

Thank You West Point, Nebraska MarketPlace and Mom and Dad

I am having a hard time sleeping after presenting my Creative Confidence keynote at the Nebraska MarketPlace conference in my hometown of West Point, NE. There’s just so much running through my mind right now. I visited with people I had not seen in years! I met new people. It was fun!

Of course you think of things you forgot to say or could have done better. After one person asked where they could get a copy of my book, I realized I did not tell people it was available on Amazon!

My visit was also a reminder of hometown hospitality and family. On the way to West Point, I broke a tooth! Seriously, I put a piece of gum in my mouth…then, crunch!!! Ahh!!!! A portion of one of my back teeth broke clean off and was soon in the palm of my hand.

I walked into West Point’s amazing Nielsen Center and told the conference organizers my story. Chris Kreikemeier, manager of the center, asked if he should call a dentist. Judging from the faces of the other key conference organizers who included Shawnna Slivius, founder of eVentures Marketing and Kathie Starkweather, Director of Opportunities and Stewardship at the Center for Rural Affairs, I thought about the seriousness of my broken tooth. Shawnna and Kathie invested a great deal of their time, energy and creativity into MarketPlace. I had to be able to deliver my keynote and workshop the next day. They had helped me prepare for the conference, and I was going to do everything possible to make the day great!

I agreed with them, visiting a dentist ASAP was a good idea. Chris called the Family Dental Center, and my tooth was as good as new in less than 1.5 hours.

My hometown is a special one. When we lost Mom unexpectedly, the support from friends and family was overwhelming. Many of the Main Street businesses helped us through that difficult time. People step up and go the extra mile to help others in West Point and throughout this wonderful, wonderful state. Nebraska is amazing! Today’s MarketPlace Conference was a huge success and represented the awesomeness of our great state! The energy and enthusiasm was electric, and I know many of the attendees are already taking action as a result of participating in MarketPlace.

Thanks to all who worked hard to make MarketPlace a success, and thanks to all who supported, presented and attended this amazing event. Thanks to West Point for doing such a great job hosting the event and being one of the world’s greatest communities. A very special thanks to my Mom and Dad for being such great parents. You gave me such a great start in life, and I pray I can do as good of a job with my own children. Thanks for coming today Dad. It was great having you there with me-just as you have been every step of the way in this wonderful journey we call life!

Much love and gratitude,

My Book is Officially Published!

My blog has been a bit quite lately because I have been focusing on getting my book done.  I just hit “publish” last night, and is already available on Amazon!  Go Wild with Confidence! is officially available!!

This book is self-published through CreateSpace, which is an arm of Amazon.  As a self-published author, I do need help.  If you are interested in purchasing it, please review it on Amazon.  If you find mistakes, please let me know.  And, of course ideas for improvement are always welcome!  I will use them for volume 2!  🙂

On another note, I am working on improving my blog…more details to come!!

Thanks everyone!

Make sure to Go Wild today, and as always…

Be You & Do Something Cool!!
-Dr. Connie

You can order the book through Amazon: http://amzn.com/1467949329

Source: amazon.com via Connie on Pinterest

A Note to Future Generations

In light of the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, I reworked an article I previously authored focused on the kindergarteners who started school this year.  Children are our future.  We need to realize their importance in this world and take our roles as adults more seriously.

The kindergarten class that started school in the Fall of 2012 will be the graduating class of 2025.  Yes, you heard that right-2025.  Only a few years ago I thought the year 2025 would have us flying around in personalized flying saucers like the Jetsons.  Maybe we would even be more like Star Trek and beam ourselves where ever we wanted to go with the simple click of a button.  As fast as technology is moving, we might make it there-at least with the flying saucers. However, it seems there is something more important we need to focus on-keeping our young people safe.

The massacre at Sandy Hook and the Class of 2025 has special meaning to me.  My first-born is a kindergartener this year.  The first five years of her life have given mine new meaning, and they have flown by faster than the Jetson’s personal space craft.  When I watch and listen to her, I am amazed by her intelligence, creativity and ability.  I wonder at her pure potentiality.  What is she feeling right now?  And, what does she want to be when she grows up?  What will her life be like?  It is my job to help my kindergartener on her journey.  I want her to truly experience all life has to offer.  Unfortunately, the children and school officials killed at Sandy Hook will never reach their full potential.  Their lives were tragically cut short.  Our deepest sympathies go out to the families impacted by this tragedy and others going through challenging times.

As a mother, I also feel like I owe it to my children to leave this planet in better shape than I found it.  I question whether or not this is happening, and it gives me great pause when I think about her graduation day in 2025.  Will her formative years have been wonderful and full of global advancement?  Or, will her generation experience a dynamic global economic and environmental shift that takes humankind down a path of destruction and chaos?  Will the world be safer and more secure than it was when I lived on this planet?

Kids today have words in their vocabulary I can’t help but laugh at sometimes.  Their worlds are full of things like sanitizer and sunscreen.  They are more familiar with the iPad than a coloring book and a Smart Phone more than the older rotary phones that hang on the wall.  Phones are also multipurpose.  They are cameras, camcorders, and things to play and learn on-plus, you can use them to see the person to whom you are talking.  Even bar soap has become a novelty.  My kids are so used to using liquid soap that they now enjoy the uniqueness of using bar soap.

There are also more ways for strangers and people to find our children.  We need to rethink how and what we are doing.  These are a few of my thoughts.

 To my daughter, the Class of 2025 and all children, we older generations owe the following:

  1. Water in Both Quantity and Quality.  Water has the potential to be the biggest issue of your generation.  It is truly the elixir of life.  Water should be there for you and the animals to play in and drink. It should also be available for you to grow real food, which is not something that comes in a box, bag or can.
  2. Healthy Minds and Bodies.  Health is the foundation of life.  Take care of your mind, body and spirit.  They are all interconnected and should be valued and nurtured. We are just beginning to understand the mind-body connection.  I have come to believe that our subconscious mind is a very powerful tool, and that our beliefs do influence our biology and our lives.  The energy of your mind and spirit is very powerful.  Use it wisely.   Food is fuel, so eat nutritious foods to be happy and healthy.  Move your bodies.  Exercise can and should be fun.  It will do wonders for you mind, body and spirit.  Dance. Play, stretch, and breathe.  Goof around with your family and friends.  Get creative and enjoy moving your bodies and minds.
  3. Less sanitizer and sunscreen and more time in nature. Get dirty and enjoy the sunshine.  It is actually good for you!  There is no need to take vitamin D-just soak in the sun!
  4. Real experiences.  Get away from the TV and the video games.  Get out there and do things.  You are connected to the world and must develop a global mind that values diversity, creativity and innovation.  Exposure to different things expands the body, mind and spirit.  There is much to see and experience in this world.  Make sure you travel and experience what happens in other communities and cultures.  There is a world outside of your home that has much to offer.
  5. Confidence. Your time on this planet is short.  It may not always seem that way, but time will go faster the older you become.  Define success on your own terms, and have the courage and confidence to pursue your passion and your dreams.   Take risks, learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward.  Let your intuition and personal fulfillment guide your actions.
  6. Privacy.  I am so glad every second of my life was not recorded on Facebook, You Tube and other web sites.  You are probably going to do stupid things.  Realize that your parents and grandparents made a lot of mistakes along the way too.  We just didn’t have every stupid move recorded and put online for everyone to see. You have to be a little more careful now.  The stakes are high, and the Internet is forever.  Use your gift of common sense when it comes to you and your friends.  Don’t put your life on display for everyone to see and I will try to keep my parental bragging to a minimum.
  7. Opportunity Recognition.  Realize that behind every challenge there is an opportunity.  Sometimes when life or situations seem the most difficult, they are actually at the cusp of being the most amazing.  Rather than staying mucked in drama, choose to clear your heart and mind and look for the opportunity.
  8. Responsibility.  You truly are responsible for your destiny.  No parent or caregiver can make your life great.  We can offer strength, support and understanding, but you must ultimately take responsibility for your actions and your life.
  9. Our time and full attention.  This is an ongoing challenge, but it is important for all of us to disconnect and truly be present with each other.  This means we all need to put our phones and mobile devices down and focus on those few precious moments we truly have with one another.  We need to be there for you while you put up that awesome hook shot at the buzzer in the state finals.
  10. Fun.  Never underestimate the value of fun in your life.  Fun is absolutely invaluable.  It is foundational to creativity and innovation and is a wonderful stress reliever and relationship builder.  Fun also keeps us young and is the fountain of life!
  11. Safety.  Growing up in a small town, I took safety for granted.  We must keep you safe from predators at all times.  Major tragedies like Sandy Hook and Sandusky must be stopped.  It is our responsibility to help you all be safe at school, in shopping malls, in movie theaters, churches and in your extra-curricular activities and families.

The take home message today is this:  Live a fulfilling life with purpose and passion.  Share your true talents with the world, have fun, and live your best life every single day! Be safe and sensible.  Let us know-in any situation-when things are not right.  Trust you intuition and let us know when things are not right.  You should have great childhood memories and experience so you can make the world a better place.  It is our job to help.  We are expecting great things from all of you because you all have something positive to contribute to the world.

Thanks for your confidence and support throughout 2012.  I am looking forward to serving you even better in 2013!

Happy Holidays From My Family To Yours!

-Dr. Connie

Register for the 2012 MarketPlace Conference!

A Big Thank You to Nebraska Farmer and the Center For Rural Affairs for publishing this article about the keynote I will deliver at the 2012 MarketPlace Conference in my hometown of West Point, Nebraska.  
The Keynote will be based on my forthcoming book, Go Wild with Confidence!  I proofed a hard copy of the book Friday night, so it should be available soon!  
The original article can be found by visiting the Nebraska Farmer online.  
Looking forward to the conference!!
Go Wild this week and do something cool!!!
-Dr. Connie
The Center for Rural Affairs will hold the seventh annual MarketPlace rural entrepreneurship conference will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2013, at the Nielsen Community Center in West Point, Nebraska.
“Entrepreneurship and small businesses are the economic backbone of Nebraska’s rural economy. They are especially important during times of economic hardship,” says Chuck Hassebrook, executive director of the Center for Rural Affairs and the conference’s opening keynote. “MarketPlace is focused on creating jobs and building the rural economy. Anyone who wants to create their own opportunities and shape their own destiny through entrepreneurship should attend.”
Nebraska Native to Keynote Entrepreneurship Conference
Nebraska Native to Keynote Entrepreneurship Conference

According to Hassebrook, the conference offers a space to share ideas and learn from other attendees. It features hands-on learning opportunities for potential and existing farm, ranch, home-based and main street business owners as well as community leaders and young people interested in entrepreneurship.
“Entrepreneurs who attend MarketPlace tell us it makes a difference. Over half of small business participants have started, expanded, or made changes to their business because of the conference. And nearly 88% of small businesses who made changes or expanded their business as a result of MarketPlace sought financing to do so,” explains Hassebrook. “They borrowed money from banks and USDA Rural Development. They also turned to personal resources like savings and credit cards as the most common source of capital. Over three-fourths of attendees (79%) found new resources for their business because of participation and networking at MarketPlace.”
Dr. Connie Reimers-Hild, a leadership, innovation coach, educator and author, will be the luncheon keynote speaker. She will talk about “Creative Confidence: Leading Yourself & Your Business.”
She says, “Why invest in your self-confidence? Innovation always begins with people, and businesses of all shapes and sizes must innovate to survive and thrive. Self-confident individuals filled with passion and purpose are the most creative and innovative people.
She currently serves as Unit Leader at the University of Nebraska Lincoln Kimmel Education and Research Center in Nebraska City. She is also founder of the coaching and consulting firm, Wild Innovation. She is a native of West Point and now lives with her husband, and two children in Beaver Lake.  
Businesses and organizations have a chance to tap into many marketing opportunities by having an exhibit booth, selling their products on-site in the MarketPlace Store, or through sponsoring MarketPlace. The diverse sponsorship levels, and the MarketPlace Store and expositions, offer opportunities for organizations and businesses to choose the investment and participation level which best fits their marketing goals. Those interested in sponsorship or exhibitor information should contact Kim Preston, kimp@cfra.org or 402-687-2103 ext. 1008.  
For more on MarketPlace, click here.

Super-Sonic Focus Time

It has been too long since my last post, but I have been super-sonic focused!  I had to re-examine a few things in my life over the last month and have been crazy-busy making life happen!

I gave a keynote at the South Dakota Marketplace conference, Creative Confidence:  Leading Yourself and Your Business, and it felt great!  It was the keynote I had playing in my head for years, and the MarketPlace conference was the perfect venue in which to launch it!  

I also taught a workshop, The Visual Vision:   Grow Your Bottom Line & Your Life, during the last afternoon of the conference.  Great energy filled the room!!!  People all left with a vision of where they want to go and what they want to experience.  There were a number of great breakthroughs.  One woman finally identified the concept for her children’s book, which she had been working on for quite awhile.  Another young man (who struggled with drawing at the beginning) came up with the vision for his welding company.  There were so many great discoveries in this class.  Cool things always happen when you blend Super-Sonic Focus Time with scented markers, crayons, and fun!  

Thanks to everyone who worked hard to make the conference a success.  A very BIG THANK YOU to my good friend and founder of eVentures Marketing, Shawnna Silvius, for hooking me up with the folks in South Dakota.  

After returning from the great state of South Dakota, I turned in a grant pre-proposal for a web-based talk show, had a job interview, and turned in my final book manuscript!!  My first book, Go Wild with Confidence!, should be available soon!!

Whoo Hoo…it was a busy October!  

I also attended my cousin’s wedding and had some Halloween fun with my family.  A great month and a great life!

Be You & Do Something Cool!
-Dr. Connie

Shawnna and I at the world’s only corn palace.  It’s a must-see in Mitchell, South Dakota!