I Need Your Help before Friday!!

I need your fresh insights about confidence before Friday? Why??

Clint Bellows, a man I truly admire, invited me to be a guest on the Tom Becka show this Friday at 3:30 PM. Clint is hosting the show, and I am starting to get my thoughts on confidence, leadership and coaching together. Your ideas, perspectives and experiences will make this radio experience on the Mighty 1290 a much richer experience for listeners.

Here’s a question to get the conversation started:
What do you do to strengthen your confidence and the confidence of others?

I would love to hear from you!

Go Wild with Confidence!!
-Dr. Connie

Jagger’s fun and amazing drawing represents my feelings about being on the show (I am so proud of my little artist):


2 responses to “I Need Your Help before Friday!!”

  1. Engage others in genuine, meaningful conversations. This will inform and catalyze your thinking. In addition, it will provide insight into people’s reactions to your thoughts and ideas and provide confidence that your informed thinking might inspire others. I suppose that Steve Jobs didn’t need anyone to inspire his creativity, I do.

    Stephen Covey said that with people, fast is slow and slow is fast. If we want others to inform our journey, we need patience to allow divergent, innovative thinking to come together to form an inspiring, doable plan. To often, great ideas fail because implementation was not carefully developed.

    Good luck, you will be incredible!!!

    1. Thank you for the very meaningful insights Chuck. I am definitely taking good notes from you and developing an inspiring, doable plan for tomorrow. Have a great day! -Connie

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