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Elevating My Business and Life!

I am beginning a new journey designed to build my business and my life.  A few weeks ago, I enrolled in Ali Brown’s Elevate program.  Ali is a global entrepreneur mentor for women.  The program is AWESOME!!!  It is designed to grow my Inner Leader and all aspects of my life.

The best part?  I have already used the information from the program to benefit work and home. Check out the program for yourself and see how it can work for you too:  

 Going Wild for Elevate!

-Dr. Connie

Why do I like this program so much?  It has a strong focus on the entrepreneurial mindset as well as women and infopreneurship.  A great combination for me!!

Two of my new entrepreneur-mentors: Ali Brown and James Roche!

SMARTER Intentions & Authentic Goals Coaching Guide

I will be discussing the power of Inner Leader Coaching tomorrow with Clint Bellows, talk radio host on The Mighty 1290, tomorrow at 12:00 noon CST.

We will talk about my book, Go Wild with Confidence!,  with an emphasis on the importance of leading your own life.  We will also be discussing goal setting.  I believe in the power of goal setting-only if goals are established with honest intentions that recognize the importance of the mind-body-spirit connection.  Why?  You have to either tune-in tomorrow or download the free resource below to get the answer!

You can download my free coaching guide on SMARTER Intentions & Authentic Goals from the University of Nebraska’s Digital Commons site.  Simply click on:

SMARTER Intentions & Authentic Goals” by Connie I. Reimers-Hild.

If you want to listen live, simply click on and look on the right-hand side of the page.  Click on “Listen Live” and you should be set!

I would love to hear from you as I prepare for tomorrow, let me know what you think about goal setting, leadership and leading yourself and your life!

Be You & Do Something Cool!

-Dr. Connie

The Gift of Freedom: Part 1

The world is changing….fast!  Rapid change is occurring in all sectors, including education, technology, science and family.  Even the way we pursue our daily living continues to evolve.
Some futurists predict that we are in an era of creating jobs for ourselves because the number of big organizations that employ people will continue to decline.  They may be right.  On the other hand, this is not a new phenomenon.  It has only been in the last generation or two that our mindset shifted from “I want to build my own future” to “I want to get a good job.” 
While creating our own job is a scary thought for some of us, we must also look at the opportunity in the situation.  After all, wherever there is a challenge there is also an opportunity!
Entrepreneurial activities, including small business activities, have been recognized as vital components of the U.S. economy for a long time. 
The United States Small Business Administration defines small businesses as those having fewer than 500 employees.  I am sure we can all think of a lot of businesses with fewer than 500 employees, and there is a good reason for this. 
According to a recent report on small businesses in the United States by the US Small BusinessAdministration, small firms account for 99.7 percent of employers in the United States.  This means that most workers in the US are employed by small businesses!
The US Small Business Administration also noted that there were 27.3 million small businesses in 2008.  Six million of these firms were responsible for 49.6 percent of private-sector jobs in the United States.  This means that almost half of the private-sector jobs in 2008 were available because of small businesses.
The bulk of job creation has grown from our small business sector for a long time.  Statistics reported by the U.S. Small Business Administration in 2007 demonstrate the significant impact of small business:  Small businesses generated 60 to 80 percent of the (net) new jobs in the decade prior to the report and produced 13 times more patents per individual employee when compared to large patenting firms.  Further, small businesses produced approximately 55 percent of all new innovations.  In the twentieth century, small businesses invented many of the things people use every day, including the airplane, the soft contact lens and the zipper.
We all benefit from developing and supporting entrepreneurial capacity and the innovations that come from these activities.  Seriously, could you imagine living without a zipper?  Part of developing this capacity includes opportunity recognition and the ability to take calculated risks that move ideas and opportunities forward. 
Our very opportunity to be entrepreneurial and create our own destiny is a wonderful freedom we sometimes take for granted as citizens of the United States. 

A Great Article: 10 Lies You Will Hear Before Your Pursue Your Dreams

You will find great articles on the Mark and Angel Hack Life blog.  One that was sent to me by a good friend of mine at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Food Processing Center is:

10 Lies You Will Hear Before You Pursue Your Dreams

Be the leader of your own life…enjoy the article, enjoy your day and go for your dreams!!  

Going Wild!!

A beautiful flower on the Earth University’s La Flor campus in Costa Rica.  A wonderful trip and a fantastic experience.  Look for more entries on my Costa Rican journey in the future!

I must be CRAZY…..right??

I have been looking to add some new profit centers to Wild.  I think I have found one but am a bit skeptical.  My 3-ring binder is telling me it is worth a try but I just can’t decide.  I am big on following my intuition, but even my perfect intuition is a little cloudy on this one.  I am sure it will come to me.  

The company I am researching is Arbonne International.  Normally, I would not even consider a multi-level marketing business; however, I believe in their products (because I use them!!) and can see an opportunity to meld it well with my Wild Coaching.  

Marie Kapels, an Independent Consultant with Arbonne, introduced me to the opportunity.  She has been patient with me and answered thousands of questions.  I have enjoyed our conversations (and yes, I realize she benefits is I go for it!) and she is a success in all aspects of her life.  No matter what, I am glad I met her!

I am still in the research stage at this point in time, so if anyone has information or direct experience….let me know!!

Going Wild!!

Proof that Getting Started Works

I just read an article, “What’s in a New Logo” on Yahoo! Finance.  It is a great testimony to the fact that taking action is a step towards greatness and living your dream.

Some of the everyday brands discussed in this article started with logos I didn’t recognize (Apple was one of the examples, which was really encouraging to an entrepreneur like me).  However, I did recognize the new logos that many of them are now famous for using.  

As you will notice, some of the redesigns were not as successful (not totally sure what Kraft was thinking, and I don’t have a marketing background!).  These are great examples of risks that didn’t quite work out as planned.  The important lesson is to learn from the mistakes and then move forward with improvements.  

And hey, even the companies with bad logo redesigns received some great media exposure in the article!  So their actions still resulted in positive results!!

The point of all this:  Take Action!  Start using your talents and gifts in the ways that work best for you.  Change things up along the way.  Thinking and planning are great; however, continuous action is the true key to success.  

Remember, add a little Wild Innovation to your world and have a lot of fun along the way!

Dr. Connie

 Take those steps forward and move your dreams forward today!!

5 Mistakes You Should Make

Part of being innovative and entrepreneurial means making mistakes, learning from them and moving forward.  This on-going process is a great way to develop our self-leadership skills.

Check out this fun article “5 Mistakes Everyone Should Make” posted on Shine by Yahoo! today.  It’s a quick read we can all relate to…read, laugh, go out there and make some mistakes!

Dr. Connie

Making Green at Apple Jack tomorrow 10:00 AM CST

Come to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Kimmel Education and Research Center in Nebraska City, NE to hear my presentation on “Making Green.”  The goal is to talk about businesses making “green” by using sustainable practices.  A large focus will be on Beatrice Bakery (  They are a great example of an innovative business putting some great entrepreneurial strategies to work for them!!

Learn about how others are being green while making green so you can too!

What:  Making Green
Where:  University of Nebraska-Lincoln Kimmel Education and Research Center
When:  10:00 AM CST

For more info visit:

Have a great weekend everyone!
-Dr. Connie

Great Quote for Entrepreneurial Folks to Remember!

I found a great quote today in my FranklinCovey planner that hits home for entrepreneurial folks and anyone interested in living a full and wonderful life:

“Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.” -Sydney J. Harris

This quote hit home with me, so make sure you do something that helps you move in the direction of your dreams today!!!

Loral Langemeier and Brady Leffler: Two Nebraskans on "The View"

I am pretty positive that there were 2 Nebraskans on today’s episode of “The View.” Loral Langemeier talked about entrepreneurship in the teen and tween set. She grew up on a farm in Nebraska. You can learn more about Loral, her business and her efforts to help people make money on her web site:

The second famous Nebraskan is Brady Leffler who comes from my hometown of West Point, NE. He played keyboard for the band that appeared today-I think-I have not confirmed this with him, but my Mom told me he was going to be on so it has to be true, right? Brady is actually the nephew of my cousin’s husband (I hope you all followed that!) I am working to confirm Brady’s appearance, which is totally cool! Way to go Brady!!

What a great example of two people who are being totally entrepreneurial! They have the ability to recognize opportunity and take risks. Both Loral and Brady are in charge of their own destinies. As a result, they are pursuing and living their dreams! AWESOME!!!