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Have Fun this Holiday Season!

Have Fun WOF Card 2013I know we are counting down the days until Christmas at our house, and I am sure many of you are doing the same.  It can be a very busy time, so make sure to take some time for yourself and actually enjoy all the wonders this time of year has to offer.

Today marks the 15th Anniversary of “The Proposal.”  Nope, not the movie-the biggest proposal of my life-when my husband popped the question!  It was a wonderful day, and the last 15 years have been quite a thrill ride!  Our fun ride on the Viking Voyage at World’s of Fun this summer was a great moment.  The picture was snapped at just the right moment, and is a wonderful reflection of our life together.  Life is full of so many wonderful emotions and experiences.  I have the good fortune to share all my ups and downs with loving and supportive family members and friends.

My husband and I have built a wonderful and full life together.  Thanks for all of your love and support Honey.  Most of all, thanks for being my partner and for building a family together.  Our little people (and doggies) add a lot of extra cheer to the holidays and each and every day!

Go Wild with Fun this Christmas!!

-Dr. Connie


Happy Birthday Mom!



Yesterday was a bit of a bittersweet day.  It was great because I had a wonderful meeting with some amazing people from Outward Bound Omaha who I can see working with in the near future.  It was a challenging day because it was also my Mom’s birthday.

So, I did what I could to make it a special day when the person you love is no longer around to celebrate. I called Dad to see how he was doing.  He definitely did not sound like himself.  I communicated with my sister, who remembered so many great things about Mom.  And, I bought a chocolate cake and put four candles on it (one for each of the people in my little family), sang “Happy Birthday” to Mom and asked everyone to make a wish as they blew out their candles.  Memorial birthdays are not fun but are a good reason for all who loved her to remember her and lean on one another.

Happy Birthday Mom!


Connie & Family


Mom's Birthday Cake

Happy Thanksgiving!


A BIG THANKS to all of you today and everyday. I have so much to be thankful for thanks to your continued support of my family, Wild Innovation and University endeavors.

I hope everyone has the opportunity to enjoy lots of great food and family time today.

Now, it’s time to enjoy my Wisconsin grown cranberries cooked with Nebraska honey and pecans~yum!!

Going Wild with Gratitude this Thanksgiving!!
-Dr. Connie

Thank You Veterans: Yesterday, Today and Always

Yesterday was Veterans Day-the perfect day to remember all the men, women and families who have sacrificed (and still continue to sacrifice) to make the United States such a great nation.

When I got home last night, my husband told me that Nebraska’s very own Governor Heineman invited Lieutenant Colonel Charles Hagemeister to be one of the individuals to unveil a new Medal of Honor Plaque during a special ceremony in the Nebraska’s Capitol Building.  An announcement of this momentous occasion is available online by going to:

My husband is related to Lieutenant Colonel Hagemeister, a Medal of Honor recipient, which made this an extra cool event for our family!

I just wanted to extend another thank you to our military heroes.  They are the reason I can get up and write whatever I want to discuss on this blog. They are the reason I can choose to do whatever I want to do in this lifetime. They are the reason my family lives in a free country.   We can all “Be You and Do Something Cool” because we are free.

Much gratitude from the bottom of my heart-yesterday, today and always…THANK YOU ALL!!

-Dr. Connie

Celebrate the 4th while Going Wild with Confidence!

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Thanks for supporting a new American author!

Go Wild!
-Dr. Connie

Thank You West Point, Nebraska MarketPlace and Mom and Dad

I am having a hard time sleeping after presenting my Creative Confidence keynote at the Nebraska MarketPlace conference in my hometown of West Point, NE. There’s just so much running through my mind right now. I visited with people I had not seen in years! I met new people. It was fun!

Of course you think of things you forgot to say or could have done better. After one person asked where they could get a copy of my book, I realized I did not tell people it was available on Amazon!

My visit was also a reminder of hometown hospitality and family. On the way to West Point, I broke a tooth! Seriously, I put a piece of gum in my mouth…then, crunch!!! Ahh!!!! A portion of one of my back teeth broke clean off and was soon in the palm of my hand.

I walked into West Point’s amazing Nielsen Center and told the conference organizers my story. Chris Kreikemeier, manager of the center, asked if he should call a dentist. Judging from the faces of the other key conference organizers who included Shawnna Slivius, founder of eVentures Marketing and Kathie Starkweather, Director of Opportunities and Stewardship at the Center for Rural Affairs, I thought about the seriousness of my broken tooth. Shawnna and Kathie invested a great deal of their time, energy and creativity into MarketPlace. I had to be able to deliver my keynote and workshop the next day. They had helped me prepare for the conference, and I was going to do everything possible to make the day great!

I agreed with them, visiting a dentist ASAP was a good idea. Chris called the Family Dental Center, and my tooth was as good as new in less than 1.5 hours.

My hometown is a special one. When we lost Mom unexpectedly, the support from friends and family was overwhelming. Many of the Main Street businesses helped us through that difficult time. People step up and go the extra mile to help others in West Point and throughout this wonderful, wonderful state. Nebraska is amazing! Today’s MarketPlace Conference was a huge success and represented the awesomeness of our great state! The energy and enthusiasm was electric, and I know many of the attendees are already taking action as a result of participating in MarketPlace.

Thanks to all who worked hard to make MarketPlace a success, and thanks to all who supported, presented and attended this amazing event. Thanks to West Point for doing such a great job hosting the event and being one of the world’s greatest communities. A very special thanks to my Mom and Dad for being such great parents. You gave me such a great start in life, and I pray I can do as good of a job with my own children. Thanks for coming today Dad. It was great having you there with me-just as you have been every step of the way in this wonderful journey we call life!

Much love and gratitude,