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Ahh…The Joys of Technology!!!

I am growing my business and my understanding of technology!!  I must say, the journey I started in October of 2010 has proven to be quite a doozy!  Wild Innovation is migrating to and askdrconnie (the blog that used to be known as Wild Innovation) is now live.

I have been working to get my business and blog domains squared away, and it has been a real challenge.  Wading through pages and pages of help articles could not do the trick in my case.  Thankfully, I found live help at!  And, each person I have talked with (yes, I have made numerous help calls!!) has helped me with all the patience required with someone who is only learning about “Advanced DNS Settings.”  The e-mail help through Google Apps was also awesome.  This Gen X entrepreneur has learned a lot over the past few weeks from some very helpful young folks…thanks everyone!!

Innovation is important…essential to any business or organization-mine included.  It takes a team to innovate, and I am happy to say I have greatly added to my team over the last few months.  It has been challenging at times; however, I am more excited than ever about all of the possibilities!!  A BIG thanks to everyone who has helped me at GoDaddy and Google!!  I truly appreciate your patience, kindness and assistance!!

Going Wild!!!
-Dr. Connie

Changing Things Up…Riding a New Wave of Innovation!

My blog and my business are both in transition…small business innovation at its best!

My blog has now migrated to this domain ( while my business domain will be

Like any entrepreneur, I am always innovating to make my business and life better.  Join me and help me ride the wave of innovation!!

Going Wild,
-Dr. Connie

I must be CRAZY…..right??

I have been looking to add some new profit centers to Wild.  I think I have found one but am a bit skeptical.  My 3-ring binder is telling me it is worth a try but I just can’t decide.  I am big on following my intuition, but even my perfect intuition is a little cloudy on this one.  I am sure it will come to me.  

The company I am researching is Arbonne International.  Normally, I would not even consider a multi-level marketing business; however, I believe in their products (because I use them!!) and can see an opportunity to meld it well with my Wild Coaching.  

Marie Kapels, an Independent Consultant with Arbonne, introduced me to the opportunity.  She has been patient with me and answered thousands of questions.  I have enjoyed our conversations (and yes, I realize she benefits is I go for it!) and she is a success in all aspects of her life.  No matter what, I am glad I met her!

I am still in the research stage at this point in time, so if anyone has information or direct experience….let me know!!

Going Wild!!

Dr Connie’s 2010 Prediction #3. Innovation will Explode

When life is good, most of us have the tendency to become very complacent. We are happy and don’t have the desire to change things. When life presents us with challenges, we find ourselves thinking of new ways to do things. In 2010, many of us will begin to take a good look at our personal situations.
Many of us have taken a strong hit over the last two years. Actually, our “hits” have been coming for a decade. The chart (below) from the United States Bureau of Labor Statics, demonstrates the rise in U.S. unemployment over the last decade. Rising unemployment is not a new phenomenon. It has been in the news more recently because it hovered right at 10% in December, 2010. Ouch!
More and more Americans are in the “I might lose my job” category everyday. Nevertheless, we will start to thrive in this environment. Americans are resilient. We will stand up, brush ourselves off and learn how move forward in this crazy economy.
Necessity and desperation ignite creativity and innovation. At Wild Innovation, we define innovation as “coming up with new ideas, products, collaborations, services and solutions that can be used.” Companies and communities need ideas to turn into reality because ideas are the true economic driver of American society.
More and more Americans will begin to put their thoughts into action as the economy continues to throw them curve balls. It is time to face the idea that our globalized world will continue to evolve very quickly, and we have to become more agile so we can adapt and thrive in it.
Change can be a bit painful and difficult, but it can also be a great way to ignite our passions and get more out of life on both a personal and professional level.

Wild Innovation’s Blog is Back in Action!

After a short hiatus, the Wild Innovation blog is back in action! I will begin posting more information on the important relationships between innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership and the environment again in an effort to provoke thought and action. Together, we can turn our economy and lives around and get them moving in a more positive direction!